Driving an SUV is a problem

Study of Large Car DriversWhich one Type human SUVs moves

Who are the people who like to drive big cars or SUVs? A study found that out. There are essentially two types. Spoiler: And it's not just assholes.

The title of the study is very straightforward. It reads: "It's not just assholes who drive Mercedes". Researchers at the University of Helsinki carried out the study to find out which type of person is more likely to buy an SUV.

Men, in particular, drive big cars

The result is that, on the one hand, it is mainly men who drive big cars and that the majority of luxury car drivers are rather difficult to deal with, for example self-loving and selfish. On the other hand, particularly conscientious people often drive expensive cars.

It has to be said that the researchers only interviewed Finns for their study. According to the researchers, they are quite similar to us Germans - in terms of income structure and moral standards. The basis was a representative survey of almost 1,900 people.

Character classes based on the five-factor model

The participants were divided into character classes according to the so-called five-factor model. This is a scheme often used in psychology. Accordingly, the main factors of human character are:

  • Openness to experience (inclination to curiosity)
  • Conscientiousness (inclination to discipline and high motivation)
  • Compatibility (tendency towards altruism, cooperation and indulgence)
  • Extraversion (tendency to be optimistic and sociable)
  • Neuroticism (tendency to be nervous, anxious and insecure)

Conscientious and intolerant people drive SUVs

Respondents were asked what kind of car they drive, with only the 30 best-selling brands counting. The researchers found that people who were classified as "conscientious" in this five-factor scheme particularly often owned luxury cars. However, this was even clearer among the people who were classified as "poorly tolerated".

The researchers themselves say that the reason for their investigation was an observation; namely, that they were all particularly often harassed on the autobahn by people in fat, expensive cars. They wanted to find out what character structure is behind it.

Aggressive people like to buy big cars

Earlier studies had already shown that drivers who drive a status symbol are often more aggressive. The study now shows, however, that the car and the status symbol do not turn drivers into aggressive drivers, but that aggressive people like to buy expensive, fat cars, including SUVs.

According to the researchers, the reason for this would be the next step that needs to be investigated. However, they have a few obvious assumptions, namely that these so-called "inevitable" people adhere less to norms and are generally more narcissistic and also more aggressive. With the "conscious", conscientious people it is more likely that they know what is good - and can afford it - or that they want to show their social status.