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Jess Glynne lights FURIOUS Backlash for using an “out of date” transphobic bow during the podcast

Jess Glynne has sparked a violent backlash online after recently using a transphobic bow while making an appearance on the Mo Gilligan podcast.

During her interview with Mo Gilligan of The Masked Singer, the 31-year-old musician shared a story about how she took a friend of a “bad man” to a “tranny strip club” and found his apparent discomfort in the establishment amusing.

Over the weekend, a clip of the podcast, which had been removed since it was uploaded on Friday, was widely circulated on Twitter and condemned, some even phoned to have Jess dropped as the voice of Jet2 airline.

Backlash: Jess Glynne sparked a violent backlash online after using a transphobic bow while making an appearance on the Mo Gilligan podcast. Pictured in December

She said to Mon, 33: ‘This is probably the funnest piece. We have reached the end of our trail, whatever. It was like a tranny like a strip club.

"He's that bad man like" What is it? “There were only men dressed as…. He stood in the corner and said, "Oh my days."

Lucia Blayke, founder of London Trans + Pride and Harpies Strip Club in East London, led the Choir of Outrage and tweeted, “As the owner of a 'tranny strip club'. I would ask Jess Glynne not to use bows to describe us or to call us “men in wigs”. ‘

Lucia concluded with Jess, who spoke of her own bisexuality: ‘Infact, let's just get out of your funny anecdotes, we are not ridiculed, we are human. ‘

“There are so many levels of rudeness here,” said another

"The transphobic arc itself, Jess Glynne is part of and still using the LGBTQ + community, and the fact that no one who made this hit podcast stopped him from making the edit."

Story: During her interview with Mo Gilligan of The Masked Singer, the singer shared a story about taking a friend of a "bad man" to a "tranny strip club" and how she found his discomfort amusing

Avalanche: The star's occasional use of the bow met with an avalanche of criticism on Twitter

Another said: ‘I'm really upset about the situation with Jess Glynne because so many people are doing exactly the same thing; Take your uncomfortable, upright friends to a strange, safe room knowing they won't react well. Cishets stop treating queer spaces like the zoo. ‘

Jess has also been urged to turn off her Instagram comments since the podcast went online. Some saw the move as evidence that she knows she has upset others, even though it has not yet released a statement of apology.

One tweeted: ‘Jess Glynne turning off her comments on her Instagram photos just shows that she knows she did something wrong. TO APOLOGIZE. We are not here for your entertainment. ‘

Meanwhile, another saw her occasional use of the arc as an example of how transphobia is normalizing in society.

They wrote: ‘AND WHAT DID I TALK ABOUT THE TL FOR WEEKS, normalized transphobia and the use of transphobic arcs, and now we have Jess Glynne as sh

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