How do recruiters see creatively designed CVs

Resume template: creative vs. classic

The heart of every application to companies in South Tyrol is the résumé. While the cover letter is usually only skimmed briefly, an interesting and well-structured curriculum vitae, in which you work out your experience and previous stations, is the most important factor in being invited to an interview. In this article we want to summarize everything you need to know about the curriculum vitae and present two different ways of writing a résumé - the standard résumé and the creative résumé.

Here at you will find an example of a simple standard CV and a creatively designed CV! Use these as templates for your own résumé and be inspired for your next application.

CV design

The classic VS. creative resume

Depending on which position you want to apply for, creativity and graphic design can be your strengths to the full. In general, you have all the options and can play with pictograms, images, bars, your application photo and the text. Please note, however, that the clarity is preserved in any case, as it is annoying for the HR department to have to laboriously pick out all the information about you from your CV in the style of a search image. You should also stick to "good taste" and not use too many different fonts or colors.

If you prefer the classic résumé, you can also score points here with a bit of color. In the course of your research on the company, take a look at their homepage and use, for example, the company colors as a frame or for the visual structure of your CV. In this way, you show your individuality and that you have already dealt with the company. You can also work with highlighting in the text and thus mark important points or keywords, even if you have opted for the classic résumé.

When do I apply creatively?

Creatively designed résumés are not always in demand, in some companies they are reluctant to be seen and are accordingly quickly sorted out. In the banking or insurance sector, for example, creatively designed applications can be rejected because they may appear dubious. You should therefore clarify in advance whether the company has a positive or negative attitude towards your creative application. Take a look at the homepage, press releases or the job advertisement. From this you can see how the company presents itself and whether creative design is important. If you are unsure, you should use a weakened form of graphic design to be on the safe side.

On the other hand, the creatively designed résumé is particularly suitable if you want to put your special knowledge, for example that of a graphics program, in the foreground. This can be particularly important for creative professions such as graphic or web design. An unusual design can also help to make your application for a secretarial position stand out from the crowd of applicants, for example. However, it is important that you use your creativity in a targeted manner and that you do not neglect the aforementioned points of clarity, completeness and topicality. If you design your resume with certain colors, fonts, etc., be sure to adopt this design for the cover letter and the cover sheet too! This is how you create a consistent application that, provided you have followed the usual rules for the application letter, will bring you a big step closer to your dream job.

The team from sü wishes you good luck in your job search!


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