What is my favorite book

Look, this is my favorite book!

Smaller presentations such as lectures, short presentations and the like. are already part of the learning content in primary school and are also part of everyday life in many elementary school classes. The topic “My Favorite Book”, which is the focus of this unit, is particularly suitable for a presentation. On the one hand, one can assume that the children are fundamentally motivated because there is a personal relationship to the subject matter. On the other hand, several learning areas of German lessons can be integrated at the same time. The pupils not only practice their reading skills and ability as well as understanding a text, they also deal with children's literature and written culture. They collect information about their book and present it. With the lapbook, the students get to know a presentation option that is motivating for themselves and for the viewer and leaves plenty of room for individuality and creativity. Ultimately, they also expand their verbal ability to express themselves during the actual book presentation, when speaking and reading a selected passage.

Structure of the lesson:

The lesson consists of a sequence with the following phases:
  • Entry: Come with us into the world of books! - Visit to a library
  • Elaboration: This is my favorite book - create a lapbook and prepare a lecture
  • Conclusion: Browsing round - presentation of your favorite book

Duration: approx. 8 lessons

Learning areas:
  • Read
  • deal with texts and media
  • Speaking and listening
  • Methods and working techniques
  • orientate yourself in a library
  • Get to know children's literature
  • find out about a book
  • Gather information about the book
  • prepare and present
  • get to know and use the lapbook as a form of presentation
  • plan and structure a lecture

This contribution can be used without the "additional material on CD" mentioned therein.