What's your rating of my look

View and respond to reviews from buyers

You can see all the ratings you have given or received in your rating profile - will open in a new window or tab. In your review portal, on the other hand, you can also reply to reviews.

Your response to a review will appear just below the original review comment.

To add an answer:

  1. In your review portal - opens in a new window or tab, select the option for the review you want to reply to reply out.
  2. Enter your answer, then select Send.

Reply to review - opens in a new window or tab

In the event that you cannot find the review you want to reply to, on the Reply to reviews received - opens in new window or tab, enter the buyer's username or item number in the box next to Search rating a.

You can only reply once to a review comment and you cannot edit or withdraw the reply later.

Submit requests for removal of defects or ratings through our Seller Inquiry Portal. We will answer you within 24 hours and you will see the status of your request directly in the portal.