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Industrial design engineering / industrial design

The Industrial Design Engineering bachelor's degree combines technology and creativity for the design of everyday objects that are functional and have the right design for the respective target group.

Here you can find information about the English speaking Industrial design course at the University of Twente, the study program, the admission requirements and your options after the bachelor's degree.

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What is industrial design engineering?

Anyone studying Industrial Design Engineering at the University of Twente learns to design and improve products with technical expertise, creativity and the right feeling for consumer behavior. Products that are useful and beautiful. But that's not all: the designs must also be producible at a reasonable price, user-friendly, easy to pack and transport. Studying industrial design in Twente prepares students for all these aspects.


Would you like to know what it is like to study Industrial Design Engineering? Cedric shows you a day from his student life.

Degree course profile

Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design Engineering
Degree: BSc
Full-time (no part-time programs possible)

Good reasons to study industrial design engineering

What distinguishes this course from the same-named courses at other universities is above all the future-oriented approach. Anyone who studies industrial design here has mastered the entire design process from generating ideas through to market launch. The students acquire fundamental knowledge on a scientific level, which enables them to “navigate” between the technical possibilities and the market movements. This is how they become enterprising designers. In project work, which is also an integral part of the industrial design course, the students work on real assignments from industry. As a team, they develop a prototype that is then presented to the client. In this way, many student products have made it onto store shelves. Watch a short film about such a project here.

For whom is an industrial design engineering course of interest?

The Industrial Design course is the right training for you if you are interested in technology, but also want to take advantage of the creativity that lies dormant in you. Many industrial designers have a clear opinion of how something could be improved and enjoy making something that people can really use. Many students who choose Industrial Design Engineering are interested in design and marketing, but also want to increase their future opportunities in the job market by taking a technical degree. The variety of subjects, such as mathematics, graphic design, but also ergonomics and marketing, makes an Industrial Design Engineering course the right decision for people who want to combine technology and design.

Ask any more?

On the English language website you will find further questions about the course and useful answers.


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