What does GAEE stand for

Economic abbreviations: terms from A to Z

Economic abbreviationimportanceAAGExpenditure Compensation ActFROMOpening balanceDepreciationDeduction for wear and tear / depreciationAGStock company / district court / employerAktGStock Corporation Acta.L.u.L.all deliveries and servicesALVCapital assetsATWorkersAOTax CodeAROutgoing invoiceARAPActive prepaid expensesAVCapital assetsAWKZEvaluation indicatorB2BBusiness to businessB2CBusiness to CustomerBABankBÄChange in inventoryBaFinFederal Office for Financial Services SupervisionBAnzFederal GazetteBfAFederal Insurance Agency for Salaried EmployeesBGTrade associationBGAFactory and office equipmentBGBCivil CodeBilMoGAccounting Law Modernization ActBStSuppliesBWAEconomic evaluationB.we.Change of ownershipDoubleDouble entry in accounts / municipalities / corporationse. Kfm. / Kfr. / Kfl. / K.registered merchant / registered merchant / registered merchantsEBClosing balance / opening balanceEBITDAEarnings before Interests, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization; Distortion-free operating result, depicts the operating profitSFBCOpening balance accountEKEquityEKRRetail chart of accountsMAGPIEElectronic tax returnHEIncoming invoiceInheritance taxInheritance and gift taxesIncome taxIncome taxIncome Tax ActIncome Tax ActeuBPElectronically supported tax auditECJEuropean Court of JusticeYOURIncome surplus calculationEWBIndividual valuation allowanceFAFinancial equalization / tax office / financial equalization / financial expensesFEFinished productsFinancial accountingFinancial accountingFKBorrowed capitalGATotal variance / total closing / total expensesGbRSociety under civil lawGDPdUPrinciples of data access and the verifiability of digital documentsGETotal Income / Total Income / Monetary UnitGehliPayrollGenGCooperative ActWeightProfitTrade taxBusiness taxGewvw.Appropriation of profitsgGmbHnon-profit limited companyGJFiscal yearGKRCommunity / wholesale chart of accountsGmbHCompany with limited liabilityGmbH i.G.GmbH in formationGmbH i.L.GmbH in liquidationGmbHGGmbH lawGoBPrinciples of proper accountingP&L / G + VProfit and Loss AccountGWGLow-value assetsIHKChamber of Commerce and IndustryHSPTrading marginHGBCommercial CodeHStAuxiliary materialsHWKChamber of CraftsIAInvestment disbursement / investment expenditureIASInternational Accounting Standards, forerunner of IFRSIFRSInternational Financial Reporting StandardsIKActual costs / investment creditIRIndustry chart of accountsYESAnnual financial statementsJFAnnual deficitKACash / cost type / account typeKapErtSt / KapESt / KapStCapital gains taxTheatrical VersionCalculation factorKfWReconstruction Credit InstituteKGLimited partnership / account group / cost lawKGaALimited partnership based on sharesKiStChurch taxKKAccount class / control account / cash creditKKKCurrent account creditKLRCost and performance accountingKStGCorporate Income Tax ActKVHealth insuranceKVzList of costsconcentration campCalculation surcharge / code number / code numberLFCPerformance and financial controllingLoBuPayroll accountingSalaryincome taxLoliPayrollLStincome taxLVANational insurance institute for workersLZBState Central BankLZKLandeszentralkasseMAEmployeeMESMaterial withdrawal slipMFP / MiFiMedium-term planning / medium-term financial planningVATvalue added taxOHGOpen trading companyOPVacant positionsOPOS listList of open itemsP.liabilitiesPAPlan approach / personnel expenses / personnel expensesPEPrivate withdrawalPersCoPersonnel costsPKProcess costs / planned costs / personal identification number / project costsPRAPAccruals and deferralsPublGPublicity ActPWBGeneral valuation allowanceRBWResidual book valueRoIReturn on investmentRStraw materialsS.-we.Bill of debtSAProperty, plant and equipmentSachBezVPayment in kind ordinanceSBClosing stockSBKClosing balance accountSKRStandard chart of accountsSolZSolidarity surchargeStFBTax allowanceStFGTax exemption limitStKlTax classStpfl.TaxableSuSaList of totals and balancesSWOTStrengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, ThreatsSVsocial insuranceTUsubsidiary companyTWPartial valueUAVAT type / subsectionUESalesUfEUnfinished productsBasementEntrepreneurshipUSSales tax keyUS GAAPUS Generally Accepted Accounting Principles; U.S. accounting standardsVATvalue added taxUStGSales Tax ActUVCurrent assetsUVAAdvance VAT returnVB LLLiabilities from performance and deliveryVB long-termLong-term liabilitiesVGAsset / association community / administrative courtvGAhidden profit distributionvmw.capital-formingVOregulationTaxInput tax / wealth taxVStAInput tax deductionWECost of goodsWPAuditing / auditor / business planWVAElimination of expensesZAOutgoing payment / customs office / payment orderZEIncoming payment / payment authorizationZPOCode of Civil ProcedureZKDTerms of payment