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Photoshop Artist from Paris: Mikaël Aguirre's Awesome Video Game Artwork

A few years ago, Orioto was featured on practically every major website, and his works of art are still very popular among gamers to this day. But the work is not easy - and marketing on your own even less. We did a short interview with the Photoshop artist from Paris, take a look at his latest creations and tell you how you can enrich your apartment with his video game art.

The French artist "Orioto", whose real name is Mikaël Aguirre, has been painting his way through the world of video games for more than 10 years - the last article I dedicated to him was dated June 25, 2009 back. At that time it was featured on many large gaming websites (including Kotaku), since then it has become quieter around him.

One can certainly not say that the 37-year-old artist from Paris has retired: he has already published over 180 works related to video games - and there is no end in sight. On the contrary, he has recently expanded his portfolio to well-known films (Aliens, Ghostbusters) added, has some really worth seeing Frescos produces and wants to listen more and more to the wishes of its fans in the future.

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We can only recommend you to surf his web presence: When printed out and drawn on canvas, these pictures are a real eye-catcher - and they decorate the home of all gaming fans very well.

-> Redbubble - Here you can buy his works - some of them are limited!
-> Patreon - Orioto can be financially supported with any value between 2 and 10 dollars on this platform. In return you will receive his entire portfolio in different quality levels as a zip file, early access to new works and the right to vote on what will be produced next!
-> Facebook - Here you can tell Orioto what you would like your next motif to be!
-> Instagram
-> Twitter

20 to 30 hours of work for one picture

For all readers who do not yet know you: can you briefly introduce yourself?

“Well, I'm a 37 year old from Paris who originally studied film studies. But I quickly got good with Photoshop on my own and liked to experiment with images. Then I started with pictures about video games, at first rather older retro video games, now from all time periods. Video games are just a big part of my culture and a part of my life.

Because there were more and more pictures, and people out there wanted to see more and more pictures of me, I now try to make a living from it - and spend a large part of my time with works of art related to video games, sometimes films. You could say that my calling has turned into my job. "

How long do you need for such a picture?

"It can take 20 to 30 hours for a work like this to be finished."

A lot of websites have featured you over the last few years - has that had a positive effect on your fan base and your income, or was it more like "Yes, now even more people can get my works of art for free without paying a cent"?

“If the coverage is prominent enough, people actually get it to buy my posters and me through a subscription to Patreon to support - this is how you get the best resolutions of the images made available. I make sure I mention this enough so that any people who trip over me really know about it.

If someone writes another big Reddit post about me and my art, but only my Deviantart page linked (financially with the worst), then all the work unfortunately doesn't bring me anything. So it always depends on how such a report is structured - it is really not easy to spread such information efficiently on the Internet. "

Now that E3 2018 is over and the dates of the next big video games are known, you have probably already gathered some new ideas for your future! Can you tell us what is planned next?

“Well, I rarely choose up-to-date games for my artwork, or at least I wait for people out there to hire me and ask me specifically. So if I should be making the latest E3 games, it won't be for a few months - but one of them will definitely be The Last of Us 2, or this new samurai game from Sony (editor's note: "Ghost of Tsushima"). "

Thanks for the interview, Mikaël! We keep our fingers crossed for the future and wish you all the best!

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