Can dark chocolate make me fat

New study: Chocolate makes you slim

"chocolate is my favorite vegetable. And I'm only half joking, "says scientist Dr. Beatrice A. Golomb. Apart from milk and sugar, good chocolate consists only of cocoa beans. Therefore, for Dr. Golomb, chocolate is clearly a plant - or a vegetable. And The scientist is perhaps even a little right, because the plant-based components of chocolate, the polyphenols, have similar positive effects on health as vegetables: For example, chocolate can lower cholesterol and minimize the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Isn't chocolate not fattening up at all?

Dr. Golomb found even more in their study: Despite its high calorie content, chocolate is not necessarily a fattening agent, but can even help to break down fat. Because chocolate polyphenols stimulate the metabolism and can thus balance the calories in the chocolate. For her study, the scientist from the University of California in San Diego evaluated the data from around 1,000 people. The result even surprised the scientist herself: the test subjects who ate chocolate the most were on average two to three kilograms lighter than the test subjects who did not indulge in any chocolate. And that although the chocolate fans did not do more sport on average, nor did they eat fewer calories overall. But also as Dr. Golomb examined other possible factors such as age, gender, vegetable or fat consumption, the relationship remained stable. The scientist was also able to rule out a coincidence, because the weight difference was simply too clear for that.

Chocolate: Much does not help much

However, if you want to plunder your chocolate stash with a clear conscience, be warned: It was not the test subjects who ate the most chocolate overall who were the leanest. But those who nibbled most regularly (up to five times a week). Dr. Golomb warns: "The result of the study is not a free ticket to now eat ten kilos of chocolate a day." Because the scientist doesn't know how much chocolate you have to eat to lose weight. In her study, she only looked at the frequency and not the amount.

Experts view the study with skepticism

And the study also has one weakness: the study design used cannot clearly prove that chocolate consumption was responsible for the lower weight. Dr. Golomb: "In the next investigations we have to optimize a few details."

Silke Restemeyer from the German Nutrition Society (DGE) is therefore skeptical of the study: "I can't imagine that you can lose weight with chocolate." According to Restemeyer, polyphenols are also found in healthier foods such as berries, nuts and grapes.

The study was funded by the US Department of Health, not a food or chocolate manufacturer.