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Rubin - The program for your self-love and your self-worth
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Your self-love transforms you and your life

The Rubin program gives you the unique opportunity to further liberate your self-love, your self-worth and your self-care.
The unique combination of very transforming individual coaching with me personally and
Your personal and conscious collaboration through creative writing and
Working through 5 important modules that support this transformation process incredibly.
Ruby transforms you with it
can go even deeper into your self-love
Appreciate yourself more
can finally let go of unconscious programs and fears
Your life energy and joy of life increase
I offer you
40 years of experience and competence in accompanying people
25 years of experience and competence in women coaching
Proven techniques and methods that enable transformation to succeed
My compassion and my deep belief that everything is changeable!

Book now
and invest in yourself
20 weeks of holistic, energetic and competent support
5 modules on the topics
Your clarity and preparation
Self love
Self-care / self-compassion
Self-worth / self-confidence
Inner child / female and male side
Telephone coaching
Telephone calls in the group
Tools that you use at home for your inner balance
plus 7 very transforming 1: 1 coaching sessions with me personally
and much more

Places are limited due to the face-to-face sessions with me
With your payment of the deposit your place is reserved.

Now say yes to your self-love and your transformation
I am happy to make you sparkle

Sigrid Pfeiffer

Customer testimonials

Sigrid Pfeiffer stands for transformation with ease. Anyone who allows her to accompany them will break away from old patterns and set the course for a relaxed future. Her energetic work is of the finest quality and you can feel her many years of experience. She is warm and clear and gets to the point in a short time. I found out about this because I have been taking regular meetings with Sigrid Pfeiffer for a long time. Since I live in North Rhine-Westphalia and she lives in Bavaria, we mainly work by phone. She helped me with a variety of problems. I would like to highlight my smoking cessation. 5 years ago I managed to get rid of my nicotine addiction with her company. However, 2 years ago I started smoking again. When I asked why I lit my first cigarette again after such a long abstinence, she found the cause that lies deep in my family history. Intuitively, she asked exactly the right question in a face-to-face meeting. and dissolved even deeper beliefs. After that, I was able to sort out problems with family members fairly quickly. So again she helped me quit smoking. After that, I never felt like touching a cigarette again. In this way, a healing process could be initiated that contributed to a sustainable increase in my quality of life.
She also accompanied me to my complete satisfaction on other topics.
I am deeply grateful to her and can only warmly recommend her.
Katharina Schulte, Düsseldorf

I found the first treatment with Ms. Pfeiffer to be very beneficial and literally strikingly successful, because the therapy, in which the face is really only gently touched, led to the release of tension and extraordinarily bright, clear eyes the first time. Nevertheless, because of my very long journey, I was initially undecided to book the treatment package of 7 sessions. But what soon completely convinced me of the value of the treatment was the feeling that after the first session a rucksack had been taken from my shoulders, both physically and mentally: the pressure that I had in the shoulder and neck area had completely disappeared. I also see the true value of the facial balance method in this comprehensive body and soul effect.
In the subsequent sessions, Ms. Pfeiffer knew how to diagnose and resolve the current emotional attitudes that lead to physical tension. These healing effects became much more important to me in the course of the treatment than the originally intended cosmetic effect. The knowledge given about the meridian weaknesses to which one is susceptible and the methods with which one can help oneself is also very helpful for the “life afterwards”
MK, 47 years old, businesswoman

My body knows a lot. For me it is always amazing how many answers he can give me. I am reassured that so much information is stored. I have the certainty that I can rely on my body when Ms. Pfeiffer “interviews” it with me.
Kinesiology helps me to loosen or even dissolve my emotional knots.
Client voices on facial balance
Ingrid, 41 years from Weßling, product manager

The reasons for my coming were:
Family and professional difficulties
Repetitive topics / blockages
Muscular tension in the jaw area
In all areas, the blockages of some age-old issues have been loosened. The blocking beliefs were tracked down by Ms. Pfeiffer with ease and sensitivity and reversed into the positive. By working with Ms. Pfeiffer on myself, things outside have changed for the better.
The facial balance sessions are a relaxing treat that results in visible relaxation and reduced facial wrinkles. In Ms. Pfeiffer's practice, I feel safe and secure at all times. Here you can let go!

The treatments at Ms. Pfeiffer are always pure relaxation.
Originally, my aim was just to get more relaxed facial features. But of course the relaxation goes much deeper and is more comprehensive. It is a wonderful kind of energy work that releases emotional blockages and also makes them beautiful.
I'm an actress and before a casting that was important to me last year, I had a lot of stage fright and little self-confidence. After the session with Ms. Pfeiffer, I felt relaxed and I actually got the role.
About 3 years ago I started writing a script. After the first few pages I had writer's block and just couldn't get any further. Ms. Pfeiffer resolved this blockade in one session, so that in the months that followed I wrote 3 scripts and since then I've been writing dubbing dialogues from time to time.
Sabine G.

I came to you with the concern of facial balance, I became aware of the positive voices from your customers on your homepage.
During the first session, however, another topic came to the fore, which was "worked on" through your coaching and the valuable tips you gave me over the next few hours.
They showed me my way, supported with valuable tips in everyday life.
I really enjoyed the facial balance appointments and can only warmly recommend them, as these were moments of absolute relaxation.
Many thanks to you for your support and the valuable tips during the coaching which I recall almost every day.

In situations in which I felt strongly compelled to do something, I always had a "lump" in my throat. The sound of my voice no longer reflected the strength of my conviction, but the expression of fear and helplessness. Ms. Pfeiffer was able to clear up this blockage in the neck area with the help of kinesiology. Since then, I have dealt with the situation much more confidently in conflict situations.
H. Mayer

Had a very difficult relationship with a man who did me no good. From the head I wanted an end, from the gut I couldn't end it. After the meetings with Ms. Pfeiffer, I broke up these old patterns. Relationship is over for me. I could not work up and solve that in a behavior therapy that I did before !! Now I can finally implement it. Was just fixated on the man. My own life and my own desires fell by the wayside !! Everything has changed now !!
I quit smoking - whatever I always wanted to do, I do sports again, even started running 3 times a week - I would never have done before !!
Have changed my diet, have already lost 4 kg without dieting. I ate out of control and out of boredom or frustration. I have now become aware of everything in my head.
I am now without a relationship, but I am happy and on the way to finally get into "my center"!
For my part, I am very happy that kinesiology exists, because without it I would not be where I am now!
Mrs. H., 37 years

Course plan

Welcome to Rubin!
The way into your clarity
Module 2 - Your self-love
The way to your self-love
Module 3 - Your self-worth
The way to your self worth
Module 4 - Your self-care
The way into your self-care
Module 5 - Your Inner Child