How do I flash Apple phones

Adobe opens iPhone to Flash developers

There is good news for all iPhone owners who have been waiting a long time to finally be able to use Flash-based apps on their smart smartphones. As the American software manufacturer Adobe announced at its in-house exhibition MAX in Los Angeles, developers will finally be able to develop applications for Apple mobile phones with the upcoming Professional CS5 Flash version. This is a first big step in the right direction, explained product manager Heidi Voltmer to the industry service zdnet. However, there are a few restrictions. According to this, developers would have to program their applications in ActionScript 3. Videos are also not allowed to be implemented according to Apple's specifications. As long as all parameters are adhered to, nothing stands in the way of a subsequent publication in the AppStore.

With this solution - the Flash program is converted into a native iPhone application - Adobe has obviously found a way to open the iPhone for its developers. Apple has so far denied the software manufacturer any access because the currently available Flash versions are unsuitable for the iPhone. In addition, they offer too few functions and take up too many resources (keyword: battery life). Due to the lack of support from Apple, iPhone owners will still not be able to access Flash-based page content correctly in the Safari browser. Nonetheless, Adobe has taken a first step with the new Flash version, which will be available for download as a public beta later this year.

By the way, owners of smartphones with Windows Mobile, WebOS, Symbian and Android can also look forward to it. However, support for the last two mobile operating systems mentioned will only come onto the market at the beginning of next year. Blackberry users should then also have a chance. In addition, Adobe is already working hard on a hardware acceleration for its Flash player in order to get the problem with resource consumption under control.