What are computer users

Computer user

You can manage users and user groups in the “Computer users” area. You can link a user to a device in order to synchronize certain user-specific settings. When you create a new computer, you can assign the computer to a specific user. You can then search for the user to view details about the computers assigned to them and their activity.


Computer users and users of the ESET PROTECT Cloud web consoles are different entities. In the section "Computer user" you can link a user to a device in order to synchronize certain user-specific settings. Navigate to ESET Business Account to manage ESET PROTECT Cloud web console users and permission sets.

• Users highlighted in orange have no associated devices. Click on the user, select Edit, then click Assigned Computers to view the details for the user. Click Add Computer to assign devices to this user.

• You can also add or remove assigned users in the computer details. Select a device in the Computer area and click on View Details. Each user can be assigned to several devices. With the function Assign user you can assign a user directly to the selected devices. If a device is assigned to a user, you can click on the device name to view details about the corresponding device.

• You can drag and drop users and user groups. Select the user or group, hold the mouse button and drag the selection to another group.

User management - actions

Select a user to open a drop-down menu where you can take actions. Refer to the icon legend for more details on the actions.

Show details - This menu shows various information such as: B. E-mail address, office or location and associated computers. Several devices can be assigned to each user. You can change the name, description and parent group of the user.

Adjusting filters and layout

You can customize the screen view for the web console:

• Manage the page area and the main table.

• Adding filters and presets for filters. You can use markers to filter the items displayed.