Why did Yelp succeed where InsiderPages failed


Two weeks ago, the 16-year-old BTG judoka Melissa Oertel (-63kg) and Anthony Zimmermann (-60kg) won the qualification for the West German Championships at the district championships in Haaren, which took place last weekend in Witten. Oertel lost their first fight with one Ippon rating (highest rating) by a large outer sickle of her strong opponent from Witten. In the second fight Oertel got off to a strong start and initially led with a low score. Unfortunately, she was unable to defend this lead. She could no longer escape a grab hold by her opponent and so in the end had to admit defeat. Zimmermann did better in the beginning. He won his first fight with Ippon. In his second fight he had to go full time. Pushed to the limits of his physical performance, he negotiated penalties for stooping and ultimately lost this exciting fight. His third opponent he then had to admit by disqualification. Despite the early retirement of his athletes, head coach Selvet Keles is satisfied: “Both started for the first time in the U20 age group and did their best. "

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