Who will replace Derrius Guice

Shady's Fantasy Football

Substitute player rule 1.1

There is an addition to the substitute rule.
Our problem with games like Bills versus Titans will not be resolved for the entire season. The exact problem is the lack of information as to whether the game is being played or not. We put a stop to this and pretend we have the information.
Example: Bill's Defense of the Pirates on Matchday 5
Coach Grabl drops the Bill's defense shortly before the start of the game (if this is not possible, he informs the commissioner which defense (s) he would take. This ensures that no one else wanted this defense) and takes a new one. The following scenarios can arise:
1. If the Bills plays defense, the commissioner places them in the lineup and the new defense is dropped.

2. If the Bills Defense does not play and instead receives a Bye Week, the new Defense remains in the roster and the Bills Defense or another bench player must be dropped for it

3. If the Bills Defense (or other future players) does not play, but has already had a Bye Week, it will be IR eligible and simply pushed into the IR slot. The new defense remains in the roster.

The only disadvantage here arises for the coach concerned, who cannot secure a defense early on, but has to take one that nobody wanted. Otherwise he will take a defense on Saturday that another coach would suddenly have set up, only to not take it off because the Bills are playing.

This rule is effective immediately for all positions.


Substitute players rule

For uncertain games such as Patriots versus Chiefs, substitutes may be nominated. These then step in for the players if NE / KC is moved out of this week. The players must be on your bench before 7:00 p.m. on Sunday and of course not be dropped before that. Deadline is Sunday 6:55 p.m. Players from Thursday's game are excluded. Message via Whatsapp to Shady.


The 49er Biceps Gainerz trade Tua Tagovailo (QB MIA) to the Kohlbruck Knights.
In exchange for this, Cam Newton (QB NE) and Samy Watkins (WR KC) will appear for the 49ers in the future. Coach Helber does something about his sparsely occupied QB room, Coach Grabl buys a lottery ticket for the future.

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Draft on September 5th, 2020!

Barbecue, talk shop and plunge your own team into ruin!
Like every year, we meet at Jonni's and draft together.
Schedule (times can still change):

The gates will open at 3:00 p.m.
The grill is started at 5 p.m.
7:30 p.m. Draft begins


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Taxi Squad

Don't forget to equip your taxi squads.

Only before the season starts, the rookies can be swapped as they wish.
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Oh Long Johnson

Small reminder. You can draft D. Johnson (HOU) and D. Johnson (HOU) this year.

Guice on ice


The supposed starting running back the Washington Redskins of the Washington football team, Derrius Guice, 23, was arrested on Friday for domestic violence. The new coach of the football team, Ron Rivera, who has promised a new culture in the franchise, did not take long here. With immediate effect, Guice was released on Friday evening.

Guice was drafted in the second round of the 2018 NFL Draft with pick 59 from the Wahsington Redskins. Even then there were doubts about the character and personal problems of the exceptional talent. Projected for the first round, he fell by the end of the second round. "That surprised me. I didn't understand why it hit me, among all the guys, because I'm great to everyone," Guice said afterwards, adding modestly, "I have a great personality and I don't understand why it is hits me so well, of all people. " His advisor made him memorize this sentence. Two years later, you might think that a little falsehood has been spread here.

Guice himself was only used in 2019. His career so far has been plagued by injuries. In the 2018 preseason, the running back tore his cruciate ligament, which led to the end of the season. 2019 should get better, but not by much. Injury in the first game of the season followed by a 9-week break. Comeback in week 11 against the Jets. In the following four games, the former LSU star was able to score 12.15 Fantasy points per game, before another injury ended the season prematurely on matchday 14 against the Packers.

So in summary, we have one player who fell through rumors of off the field issues until the end of the second round of the draft. An injury-prone player who only made 5 appearances in his first two seasons in the NFL. A player who was kicked out of his own team due to domestic violence.
Considering all of these factors, it could mean the end of the NFL career for the relatively young Guice. There aren't many organizations that have room for an injury-prone, banned player who would damage the image of the franchise.
In any case, this is bitter news for San Miguel's Kaskepf. Drafted in Round 11 of the Dynasty Draft as RB3. For the new season you really only have Jacobs and Conner. Do you have to work again here? The title chances with Alexander Mattison as RB3 shouldn't be the best. Perhaps they are still hoping for a holdout from Dalvin Cook.
So we have a clear loser on this news, but who are the winners?
Coach Weiß hopes for himself, of course. In round 14, a pick was invested in Antonio Gibson (22). The running back from Memphis convinced in college with 11.2 yards per carry. The problem? He only made 33 carries throughout his college career and was originally a wide receiver. Not enough experience for a job as a starting running back in the NFL?
If there is experience, the job will clearly go to Adrian Peterson (35). The future Hall of Famer could become one of the draft steals. In lap 26, the Sawmill Saints did not invest a pick in the future, but in a legend. His goal is clear. 1053 yards. That number is still missing on Barry Sanders and the associated fourth place on the NFL's All Time Rushing list.
However, if the tank is already empty, the Washington Fooball Team has another option, Brice Love (23). Also drafted by the Sawmill Saints, in turn 23. A real lottery ticket. The fourth round pick from the 2019 draft comes from a cruciate ligament tear. A real lottery ticket.
Two players with no NFL experience and one of the last NFL retirees, who will get the job? Or is one of the Grabl brothers happy in the end? Freeman and Miller are still free agents. Most likely, however, is an RBBC, i.e. a Running Back By Committee. Everyone gets a piece of the cake. Nobody becomes a useful fantasy player. Sometimes one person has a good game, sometimes the other. We can let ourselves be surprised.