What are some essay writing competitions


I first came across the word “tract” in Hermann Hesse's book “Der Steppenwolf”, which we had to read in school. There a chapter is entitled “Tract on the Steppenwolf”. Tract - this is a kind of treatise, an essay, an essay, in short: an intellectual experiment that is put into words. What I somehow liked about the novel back then, I find only artificial today. Incidentally, there is a general risk of being contrived when writing a treatise. In order to sound as fancy as possible, the language is raised immeasurably, while the content is usually neglected. However, when I found out about the Caroline Schlegel Prize, my curiosity was aroused.

Language, style and research - this is what an essay should look like

The Essay Prize awarded by the Romantikerhaus Jena places three demands on the potential winners and their work. The text must be “characterized by a high linguistic and stylistic level and solid research”.

The topic can be chosen freely and should be dealt with on ten to fifteen pages. A three-person jury will decide who will receive the main prize (5,000 euros) and who will receive the sponsorship award (2,500 euros). The deadline for entries is June 30, 2017. I will attend with an essay. You also?




Lately I've been neglecting literary competitions badly. This year I want to take part in a few again. I have just submitted my entry to Polly - Political Poetry Prize.

This year the focus is on “Europe”. We are looking for poetic texts that deal critically with the topic of Europe / EU.

But not every poem about the fate of the refugees from the Mediterranean Sea or about world peace is already a poem about Europe.

So it takes your imagination. Up to three poems per sender are allowed. Submissions to contact (at) pollypreis (.de). The closing date for entries is 1st September 2017.

My three texts each deal with the “refugee extermination” by Frontex (sounds like it!) And the so-called financial crisis and the resulting austerity policy. What are your rhymes about?