What gives positive breathalyzer test results

How do drug tests and alcohol tests work?

In a nutshell: Which drug tests are there?

How and where can intoxicating substances be detected?

Drugs, alcohol and medication can be detected in various parts of the body, such as blood, urine, saliva, hair or breath.

What drug tests are usually done?

Usually, a drug test is done based on blood, urine, or hair samples.

Which test is suitable for a quick check?

Breath or saliva tests, on the other hand, are more likely to be used for traffic controls because they provide quick results.

Alcohol and drug tests at traffic control - explained in the video

Significance of the alcohol and drug test in traffic law

It is not uncommon for unreason to drive along in a vehicle. Alcohol and drugs are alas not uncommon at the wheel. Despite in part severe penalties and impending withdrawal of the driver's license still consider too many Drivers alcohol and drug abuse as a trivial offense.

Alcohol and drugs influence perception and thereby impair road safety. Even if you don't drive conspicuously, you can use your Delayed response time be causing it to keep coming back to serious accidents comes. According to § 24 a Road Traffic Act (StVG) Is there a Blood alcohol limit of 0.5 - There is no tolerance for drink-driving during the probationary period. Same goes for drugs.

Anyone who has become suspicious can go to a traffic control Alcohol or drug test be requested by the police. The officials usually put one Rapid test one to have a result immediately. If the test is positive, a Blood test made to a more reliable result to have.

But alcohol or drug tests are not only used for traffic checks. As part of the Re-issue of the driving license or at the medical-psychological examination (MPU) can a Drug screening or a Evidence of abstinence to be required. When assessing fitness to drive, it is often decisive how the person concerned is Attitude to alcohol and drugs has changed. If the tests are not passed, the driving license cannot be re-issued under German law.

Drug test: what types are there?

Stick to drug use Residual traces even after getting the actual high. That makes it possible in some cases months later, prove consumption of prohibited substances.

How long it is possible, however, ultimately depends on the Consumer behavior, thehealth constitution and the various Types of drugs from. For example, there is cannabis (THC) in the urine two to three days verifiable. With regular use of the drug, however, the proof can also after weeks success.

In drug screening, especially body fluids are given important information on consumer behavior price. Usually they are too without major interventions to receive as a sample. The Detectability of drugs is often given for a long time, because not only the active ingredients themselves, but also Degradation products have a corresponding evidential value.

The police often use one during traffic control Rapid drug testwho analyzes saliva or sweat for drug residues. At Evidence of abstinence a blood test, a urine test or a hair analysis are possible. Drugs can be used this way frequently long after consumption be detected.

What are common drug tests?

Are common various test procedures. Be in the rapid drug test often body fluids such as sweat or saliva checked using test strips. However, only a blood test with a sample is conclusive in the laboratory is examined. In the case of a criminal offense, this must be performed. But also the Examination of urine in the laboratory gives good results. Many can be found in the urine Substances and degradation products demonstrate why this type of drug test is widely used.

What drugs are being tested for?

  • THC
  • cocaine
  • Amphetamines (speed, crystal meth, ecstasy)
  • Opiates (heroin)
  • Medication

Drug test with saliva

A saliva test often offers a drug test during a traffic stop quick result. To do this, a Saliva sample taken and analyzed by a test device. According to the Discoloration on the test strip, the officials can determine whether and which drug has been consumed. However, this form of drug test can only provide circumstantial evidence; its evidential value is limited in court.

Drug test withSweat

A rapid THC test also works with sweat. This is done with a kind of paper strip over hands and other sweat-producing parts of the body wiped. After a short waiting time, the officers receive the result of whether and what has been consumed. In addition to cannabis, this method also amphetamines (e.g. speed and ecstasy), Cocaine or heroin prove.

Drug test withurine

The kidneys are in common with the liver mainly responsible for detoxifying the body. So if someone has been using drugs, they will Degradation materials usually excreted in the urine. A Urine drug test therefore provides a safe and reliable method to prove consumption.

A urine test can detect THC, opiates, ketamine, cocaine, ecstasy, speed, alcohol and barbiturates (e.g. sedatives). For the drug test, those affected must have a Submit urine samplewhich is examined in the laboratory for special substances. There is also Rapid testswith which consumption can be proven.

Drug test withblood

A drug test based on a blood sample can only evaluated in a laboratory become. To do this, a doctor takes a sample and leaves it expertly examine. In a court of law can only a blood drug test allowed as evidence become. It is common practice to first do a quick test (sweat, saliva, or urine). If this is positive, a blood test will be carried out. Have affected not the right, this test to refuse. The advantage of this method is that the exact concentration of the substance can be determined. This is in Nanograms per liter (ng / l) specified.

Drug test withhair

Not only body fluids serve as evidence of drug use. There is also a drug test that is on one Hair sample based. Hair analysis is usually about the Evidence of long-term use. It can therefore be traced whether drugs were consumed a long time ago. This is especially for one Drug test at the MPU Interesting. The method is highly unlikely for traffic controls. Also Fingernails and toenails are suitable for a drug test. This is also used in the medical-psychological examination.

Can I buy a drug test from the pharmacy?

Yes, it is quite possible. You can get a quick drug test from the pharmacy also private individuals use. But you can also buy a drug test on the Internet.

Usually there is one Drug test from the pharmacy from a test strip. With this can on suspicious items or about the skin be wiped. A chemical substance can discolour the test strip if it is based on a positive result. Such tests are mainly used by concerned parentswho want to secretly examine their children.

Alcohol test and alcohol tester

Alcohol is considered a "soft" drug. Similar to THC and Co. Sensory perception that impairs judgment and responsiveness, which can be a danger to road traffic. Even if you don't feel drunk you can too high alcohol value and thus endanger the safety of traffic.

If the police notice you during a traffic stop or because of your driving style and suspect alcohol, a test is often the result. To do this, the officials use a special alcohol meterthat measures breath alcohol concentration. If the value remains in Area of ​​administrative offense (below 1.1 per mille) this test is sufficient. If the result is above this value, there is a Offense before and a blood test must be done, as only this is valid as evidence in court. The penalties for such a traffic offense can be found in the catalog of fines on the subject of alcohol.

Breathalyzer for private use

A breathalyzer can be just like a drug test also used privately become. For example, it can make sense to use the Breath alcohol before departure to test in order to switch to the taxi if the value is too high. Please note, however, that a value of 0.3 per thousand in the event of danger or an accident can be classified as a criminal offense.

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How do drug tests and alcohol tests work?
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