What advantages does YouTube have over television?

youtube vs. tv

In the founding year 2005 still laughed at, today the biggest Video portal on the World Wide Web - YouTube. Studies show that Uploaded an average of 400 hours of video material every minute will and around 57 percent of 15-19 year olds use the platform on a daily basis. Many even prefer YouTube to traditional TV! YouTube vs. TV - social media portal versus traditional entertainment format. We have prepared some of the advantages of YouTube over television for you here.

youtube vs. tv - accessibility

One of the main advantages is that you can watch YouTube videos anytime, anywhere. Of course, you first need an internet-enabled device with the YouTube app - or a browser app. And maybe you shouldn't watch videos anytime and anywhere, for example at school or at work, but theoretically you can always and anywhere, in contrast to television! You don't have a television in your hand quickly if you want to watch a video while on the move and most of the time what you need is not shown anyway.

youtube vs. tv - more self-determination

With YouTube you can decide what you want to see. If you fancy cat videos, watch cat videos. If you are in the mood for cupcakes, just take a look at a baking tutorial. You can switch between the different channels on TV, but you quickly notice that the programs are very similar. In addition, it depends on the television program whether a desired program is currently being shown or not.

youtube vs. tv - interaction

Like Facebook, Instagram and Co., YouTube is a social network. The exchange between users makes up a large part of the platform. You get direct feedback on how well or badly a video was received. The simplest form of exchange is of course likes or dislikes. If you want to express your opinion more strongly, you can do this through comments. Uploading your own video is the most active form of participation. Television offers less convenient possibilities for feedback. The user is hardly involved in the conversation here.

youtube vs. tv guide

Lastly, it has to be said that YouTube is not only for entertainment, it can also be quite useful. In numerous tutorials and explanatory videos, there are helpful advice and tips for all everyday problems that can be viewed and acquired quickly and easily. Instead of tormenting your way through long and complicated articles on the Internet, you can simply watch a short video. Videos can reproduce complex facts much better, because viewers retain visually conveyed information up to 50 percent better. Here, too, YouTube beats television. There are also guides there, but mostly not when you need them.

youtube in categories

Of course, it doesn't do you much good if you have the advantages of YouTube in front of your nose, but you don't know what categories and genres there are on the platform. For this reason we have again created a small introduction to YouTube's categories for you.

You can choose from the following categories on YouTube: Cars & Vehicles, Beauty & Fashion, Comedy, Education, Entertainment, Family Entertainment, Film & Animation, Food, Games, Practical Tips & Styling, Music, News & Politics, Social Engagement , People & Blogs, Animals, Science & Technology, Sports, Travel & Events.

But that's not all. Because YouTube also offers a few other apps for its users: YouTube TV, YouTube Gaming, YouTube Music, YouTube Kids, Creator Academy, YouTube for Artists. We will briefly introduce these to you and explain whether and how you can use them for yourself.

YouTube TV

Google wants to compete with Netflix and is therefore now offering a selection of television channels that can be subscribed to on a monthly basis and streamed on the YouTube site. However, the focus is on the American television market; international TV channels are not considered here. Since YouTube TV only transmits signals from US stations and the transmission only works in the USA, it makes no sense to include it in the marketing strategy.

YouTube gaming

Live streams from video players are broadcast here, similar to the live stream platform Twitch. The live broadcasts that have ended can then be viewed again in full. A person films himself playing and commenting on a video game. On the one hand, the videos serve for entertainment, on the other hand, they offer suggested solutions as well as ticks and tricks that can help other players to advance in their own game. Including YouTube Gaming in a marketing strategy only makes sense if your product is based in the gaming area.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music (or YouTube Red) is the platform's music streaming app. Music videos can be played there. There are several stations that users can listen to. These gradually adapt to the preferences of the users. The more music he listens, the better the stations are tailored to his musical taste. YouTube Music can advertise if the right target group has been defined beforehand. You can't advertise on YouTube Red because it's the ad-free version of YouTube.

YouTube kids

An app that is completely tailored to children and families. There are children's series, study series and much more here. If your target group is families and children, it is advisable to integrate them into the marketing strategy. Otherwise the app can be left out.

Creator Academy

YouTubes school, where all creatives, channel owners and many more can learn how to use YouTube properly. There is no marketing opportunity here.

YouTube for Artists

At YouTube for Artists, creatives and musicians who want to reach and interact with their fans on YouTube can browse resources, tools and news on the topic. There is also no marketing option here.