How much does a pen cost alcohol

Alcohol markers

Alcohol markers are popular pens with mangaka, cartoonists, architects and designers. These markers, also known as layout markers, get their name from their alcohol-based color. Most of these pens have two tips. Here you will most often find a chisel tip, brush tip or fineliner tip.

The special thing about alcohol markers is their color. This dries quickly and enables even large areas to be filled evenly. With such pens it is possible to create gradients, for example from yellow to red. You can also use it to create shading, for example by combining a light and a dark shade.

After the paint is dry, it is waterproof and it is no longer possible to smudge it. How quickly the paint dries depends a bit on what type of marker you have. The color of these markers is usually non-toxic and non-acidic, but to be on the safe side, you should always take a look at what is written on the packaging.

Known alcohol marker brands

You can already find some of the well-known alcohol marker brands here on the site. We are gradually trying to bring together more and more information about different brands.

Copic marker

Ohuhu marker

The Ohuhu markers are often used as an alternative to the Copic markers. Unfortunately, you cannot buy these individually, only in sets.

Chameleon pens

Chameleon pens are markers that still have a mixing chamber with them. You can use it to lighten your pen and thus paint a gradient. You can also see how to do this in the video below. You can get a Chameleon Pen from around € 6.

Style file marker

In addition to the ones already mentioned, there is also the style file marker. These are a little less known. They are available in the “Brush” and Classic versions and cost between € 2.70 and € 3.40.

Alcohol marker tutorial

Here is another nice video from Jessy. In this little tutorial on alcohol markers, she shows you how you can color an image with alcohol markers and explains very well what you have to pay attention to when you hold such pens in your hand for the first time. Have fun with the video!

Alcohol marker paper

A little more on paper. If you've watched the video, you'll have seen the markers push through the paper. In the video, the back of the paper is already specially coated to prevent that and it happens anyway.

If you want to paint on normal paper with your markers, you should definitely put something underneath so that you don't have any paint on your table afterwards.

Marker paper is better than normal paper. This paper, specially developed for such pens, prevents the paper from breaking through relatively well. But even here you should put something under it, it can always show some color in places. The following applies here: the thicker your paper, the more likely no color will come through.