How do I start Monero XMR mining

How to start mining Monero

Choose your mining server:

regionShare of diffserverstatus
Europe840K for Nicehash
By default or when in doubt which proportion difficulty to choose, choose the lower one. We recommend the high proportion difficulty if you mine with more than 500 GPUs. When mining with Nicehash, you should always choose the high stake difficulty. The stake difficulty does not affect the mining rewards. Continue reading.

Step 1 - Creating a Wallet

You could download the wallet with the complete blockchain: generate an official Monero or an address at a crypto exchange, for example Bittrex, or Wallet address with Payment ID is no longer supported!

Step 3 - edit the configuration file

use YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESSthat you created in step 1.
If you want, you can RIG_ID change in the file pools.txt. Enter the name of the rig as it should appear on the miner's statistics page. This field is not mandatory. You can leave it blank.
Length of RIG_ID - 32 characters maximum. Use English letters, numbers and the symbols "-" and "_".

Your configuration file should look like this:

{"pool_list": [{"pool_address": "", "wallet_address": "YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS", "rig_id": "RIG_ID", "pool_password": "x", "use_nicehash": false , "use_tls": false, "tls_fingerprint": "", "pool_weight": 1}], "currency": "randomx"}
xmrig.exe --coin = XMR --url = 2222 --user = YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS --pass = x

Rental of mining equipment

This pool works with the rig rental companies and

Settings for

Pool host:
Worker name (-u):
Password (-p):

Settings for

Sometimes Nicehash leaves the pool test with an error. Do not worry. We work with Nicehash every day. 2Miners is an officially supported Nicehash pool. Just go ahead and proceed with the order.

Custom pool name:
Stratum hostname or IP:

SSL connection settings for advanced users:

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If you don't know what an SSL connection is and how to set it up, use the default settings