Which is better Kony or PhoneGap

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Post Sun May 12, 2019 08:54

I'm already a little bit "researching" what kind of tools there are to run the app on different platforms with little effort. iOS and Android would be a "must" others like Windows and Linux (Raspberry) would be great.

What I plan to do: To "transform" a GPS surveying app which is currently running with Python 3.x on a Windows platform (with PyQT5 as GUI) into a mobile app.
The GPS data of the reception should reach the app via Bluetooth (gps -> uart -> bluetooth -> app).
Don't just picture it to me because:
  • I have to access hardware (e.g. iPhone and Bluetooth is such a thing? Android easier?)
    I want to have GPS / compass on internal sensors (nice to have).
    i am using mysql databases
    I need threads
I found various things here in the forum too, but partly dated from 2012, maybe not everything is true today?
I found terms / tools

Python-wise: others where Python probably no longer works:
  • Xamarin
    Native script
    Kony AppPlatform
Has anyone had any experience with what works really well and "simply". Or should I forget about it
I am aware that the whole thing is complex, especially because I have no experience.

Or maybe someone has already done something like that and can support me. Doesn't have to be free. Only the big money is not to be expected, since it is on a private basis

Thanks in advance