What's next in HR Tech

HR TEC NIGHT on October 15th on-line!

I'm looking forward to it: tomorrow, Thursday, October 15th, from 6pm - drumroll - the first purely virtual one will start HR TEC NIGHT. The two founders Michael Witt and Robindro Ullah have put together a great program (again), more on that in a moment.

What really excites me: SAATKORN is now the exclusive media partner for this great event format. In the next few weeks you will be reading guest articles by Michael or Robindro in the SAATKORN HR TECH section and the speakers of one or the other HR TEC NIGHT will also have their say.

Next Thursday evening you can look forward to an exciting program within the live stream of the Zukunft Personal Europe. HERE you can stream the HR TEC NIGHT.

At the start tomorrow evening:

  • Stephan Grabmeier, Thought Leader for Innovation, Beyond New Work and Sustainable Transformation. He talks about "HR as a driver of purpose business". I'm curious, purpose is essential for me and a hollow phrase for others. Let's see how Stephan positions himself there (and what that has to do with HR TEC).
  • Markus Krampe and Philipp Mommsen, the founders of BetterHeads. This is definitely going to be techy: "Voice-controlled chat applications are finally putting an end to old school applications". Aha, I'm curious too. Alexa sends his regards.
  • Melanie Rothe, CIO Trendence Institute: "Talk data to me - the context makes the difference". In a nutshell with the question: how do you actually draw the right conclusions from the whole data mass?

And of course Michael and Robindro will introduce the witty Eve. I'm looking forward to a snack with a virtual (?) Beer afterwards ...

... and if you want to find out more about the HR TEC NIGHT: on the occasion of the third birthday, I recently spoke to Michael in detail. Here go to the podcast:

Next week at this point the first HR TEC NIGHT column on SAATKORN. 😉