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Google Deep Mind - assistant for doctors and nurses in planning

The search engine provider Google is taking over DeepMind Health from London. The Deepmind Dependance is best known for the Streams app. It offers patient administration for hospitals - and is to be massively expanded in the future. The new version is designed to help doctors and nurses treat patients, with the focus being on artificial intelligence.

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The founders of the AI ​​laboratory DeepMind are open to the takeover and are positive. The move should be an “important milestone” for the company. The Streams app is intended to be used even more widely - it was originally developed for the British National Health Service (NHS). It aims to be transformed into “an AI-powered assistant for nurses and doctors” that “combines the best algorithms with intuitive design”.

The Streams app is currently being tested in London, so the developers should stay on site. There are also outstanding liabilities to the NHS. Some unique research projects are currently being carried out with it - for example, the application should be able to detect eye diseases through scans with the smartphone camera. Part of the AI ​​is also the prediction of diseases and their course, these are also made using artificial intelligence.

Despite the potential improvement in the medical sector, the collaboration between DeepMind and the NHS was not (only) positively received in the UK. The country's privacy advocates ruled in 2017 that DeepMind's partnership with the NHS was illegal. Individuals are said not to have been adequately informed about how their medical data will be used. In the health sector in particular, data protection is particularly important due to the handling of sensitive, personal data.

Precisely for this reason, privacy advocates also see the move in the direction of Google as critical. It is not yet clear what will happen to the data that has already been collected and whether, or to what extent, Google will have access to it. According to a report from CNBC, the independent review board, DeepMind, set up to oversee its health work, is likely to be closed as a result of the move.

There have been reports of longstanding tension between DeepMind and Google. The tech giant wants to commercialize the work of the AI ​​research laboratory. DeepMind, on the other hand, positions itself as an open, progress-oriented company that has attracted many greats from this area. After some success, the lab appears to have caught the attention of David Feinberg. He is the new CEO of Google Health and was appointed just last week.

Many technology providers are expanding their commitment in the health sector, and the market is considered to be one of the growth markets of the future. In the end, it will not be enough for Apple or Google to offer smartwatches with (more or less) useful functions. If these providers want to play a role in this segment in the future, more will be needed - more than traditional manufacturers can offer in this area. Where the providers lack experience, they can, on the other hand, perhaps score with modern functions and faster data analysis or artificial intelligence.

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