What if you only drink gin

Pure gin, gin tonic, gin fizz - many people are currently big gin fans. Researchers were able to show with a study that this "love" could have bad consequences.

Everyone has probably already experienced alcohol depression, whether on themselves or on fellow celebrants. With a large study, researchers want to have shown that the cult drink gin often makes people sad.

This is how gin affects the mind

With the study, the scientists wanted to find out how the different alcoholic drinks on the mind affect consumers. According to the British Telegraph, it has become clear that spirits are significantly more likely to cause relapses of depression and crying fits than, for example, wine or beer.

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The kick turns off the impulse control

Professor Mark Bellis, director of the Wales Public Health Authority, told the newspaper: "For centuries the history of rum, gin, vodka and other spirits has been riddled with violence and it is true that they are far more associated with tears . [...] While people get their kick from rising alcohol levels, it decreases the brain's ability to suppress impulsive feelings or assess the consequences of living it out. "

Gin: tears and infertility

Just gin is often associated with emotional outbursts to cause. In the 17th century the drink was decried as "mother's ruin" in England. After the government allowed the unlicensed production of gin, thousands of distilleries sprang up and the cheap drink was consumed in large quantities, mostly by poor women. He was then responsible for infertility made and supposedly even caused one Population decline in London. So it's no wonder that gin is associated with tears.

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