Your high school was diverse

High School Canada

Canada has one of the most advanced education systems in the world. The classes are relatively small and the schools have state-of-the-art computer rooms, libraries, laboratories and sports facilities. French is offered at a high level in the English-speaking provinces and English as a foreign language in the French-speaking areas. A Canadian public high school is always an all-day school. Foreign students pay school fees, the amount of which is determined by the school supervisory authorities.

The school year at a Canadian high school

school year2 school semesters
Start: September / February
End of June
School hoursMonday to Friday
approx. 8 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. including lunch hour
vacationJuly August
Compulsory subjectsEnglish, math, natural and social sciences

As an exchange student, you and your counseling teacher will put together your schedule from the diverse range of subjects at your high school. The wide range of elective courses on offer differs from school to school and includes languages, media and IT, art, music, sports, and job-related courses such as marketing, law, economics and tourism. In the English-speaking provinces, you usually choose four subjects per school semester, which are taught daily: two major subjects from the compulsory subjects and two electives.

After school ends: Your free time in Canada

The afternoons during your student exchange in Canada are filled with leisure activities in clubs and teams: get involved in sports, play theater, join the school band, help design the yearbook or take part in excursions. Sports and other activities are a great way to make friends quickly and get infected by the school spirit!

Otherwise, I really like it here in Canada. I made a lot of friends on the first day of school, even though I was incredibly excited.

Unfortunately I'm pretty disoriented, no matter where I am, but this time it was to my advantage because some girls noticed me, showed me the way and have now become my best friends here.