Why is the universe so dull


Who created seven heavens, one above the other. You see no disproportion in the creation of mercy. So look around again to see if you can see any defects! Then let your gaze wander one more time - each time your gaze will return to you dull and dull. (Sura 67: 3, 4 - al-Mulk)

Billions of stars and galaxies move in excellent harmony in the orbits designed for them. The stars, planets and satellites rotate both around their own axes and with the star systems to which they belong. Sometimes galaxies made up of 200-300 billion stars meet and flow into each other. During this process there are no collisions that would disturb the great order in the universe.

It is inconceivable to compare the speeds in the universe with the usual dimensions of the earth. The stars and the planets, which have the mass of billions, trillions of tons, and the giant galaxies and groups of galaxies, the numerical values ​​of which can only be understood by mathematicians, move through space at an enormous speed.

The earth rotates on its own axis at 1670 km per hour. If we remember that the fastest projectile has an average speed of 1,800 km per hour, we can understand how fast the Earth's rotation speed is despite its huge size.

The speed of the earth on its orbit around the sun is approximately 60 times the speed of the projectile: 108,000 km per hour. (If it were possible to make a vehicle that could go that fast, it would go around the world once in 22 minutes.)

These numbers only apply to the earth. The solar system is even more amazing. The speed of this system is incredible. As the systems in the universe get bigger, so do the speeds. The speed of rotation of the solar system around the center of the galaxy is 720,000 km per hour; the speed of the Milky Way system in space, which contains approximately 200 billion stars, is 950,000 km per hour.

These dizzying speeds show us that our life on earth is on a very weak foundation. Usually it is quite possible that serious accidents could occur in such a complex and rapid system. But as the verse mentions, there is no flaw in this system. Because like everything else, the universe did not arise "independently" and it moves according to the equilibrium that has been determined by Allah.