Which artist sang the song Stereo Love


Edward Maya (* June 29, 1986 in Bucharest; actually Eduard Marian Ilie) is a Romanian singer, composer and DJ specializing in dance and house.


Maya graduated from the music college George Enescu in Bucharest and the National Music University Bucharest.

At the age of 19 he wrote the title for the singer Mihai Trăistariu together with Eduard Carcota in 2006 Tornero, who outdid the national competition in the Romanian preliminary round for the Eurovision Song Contest and finally reached fourth place.

In 2008 he produced the album for the Romanian boy group Akcent Fără lacrimi as well as the singles Stay with Me, Lover’s Cry and That's my namewhich reached top positions in the charts in several Southeast European countries. In 2009 he co-published Stereo love the first single under his own name, which received platinum status in Germany. For the recording he engaged Vika Jigulina as a singer. The melody of the song Stereo love originally comes from the song Bayatılar by the Azerbaijani composer Eldar Mansurov.

In summer 2009 he founded his own music label Mayavin Records, which currently only has the namesake Edward Maya and Vika Jigulina under contract. In late 2010 it became his third single Desert Rain published on the Internet together with Vika Jigulina. His first album The Stereo Love Show, which includes his first three singles, was released in 2013.

Source: Wikipedia.org