Why is Isekai Anime is gaining popularity

What is an isekai anime? - Term simply explained

What do fans mean when they talk about isekai anime? We explain the genre and its typical characteristics to you.

As in all other films and series, there are numerous genres in the anime industry that represent different interests of viewers. Terms such as romance, action, horror or comedy are self-explanatory, but the word “Isekai” is also being used more and more, a word that at first seems strange to newcomers. Beginners should definitely know what is behind this particular genre, as it has become more and more popular, especially in recent years.

That is what the term means

The word Isekai is Japanese and means something like "other world". Usually such anime is about an ordinary person who is teleported from the normal world into a fantasy world. This usually happens through a divine power, rebirth or a magical portal.

The protagonist often does not know what is happening to him and has to adapt to the new circumstances. Magic, friendship and fighting monsters often play a big role, which runs through the whole story. In addition to dragons, guilds and battles, many typical fantasy elements are represented in well-known titles of the genre, often in connection with video game clichés. In one of the most famous Isekai anime, Sword Art Online, the main character can be found in a classic RPG world, for example.

Great choice and variation

Depending on the anime, it can also happen that the actually normal person receives supernatural powers that overshadow everything else. Overlord is a well-known offshoot, a series in which the protagonist wants to rule the new world. In KonoSuba, a more comedy-based Isekai, things look completely different again. Here the main character has massive problems to find his way in the unfamiliar situation.

The genre has grown in popularity in recent years. More and more isekai anime are being produced to meet fan demand. Anyone who is interested now and would like to immerse themselves in the crazy, dramatic and funny world of the Isekai has a more than gigantic selection. If you don't know where to start, it's best to first take a look at the most popular titles. This includes anime like Re: Zero, No Game No Life, Sword Art Online, Overlord, The Rising Of The Shield Hero, KonoSuba and many more.

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