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Parents suffer from constant stress

Stress study

by Frauke Suhr,
Raising children, gainful employment and mental load - parents have to do a lot in everyday life. 40 percent of mothers and fathers in Germany feel permanently stressed because of this, as a recent survey by the Kaufmännische Krankenkasse (KKH) and Forsa shows.

The respondents cite their own high demands as the main cause of stress: They give everything to please their children, partners and employers and, at the same time, to run the perfect household. 21 percent of those questioned attribute the stress (also) to social pressure.

The high workload is not without consequences: 79 percent of the respondents who are (very) often under stress regularly suffer from exhaustion and even burnout. 77 percent feel nervous and irritable and an almost as large proportion of stressed parents suffer from fatigue and sleep disorders, as the Statista graphic shows. In some cases, the stress even leads to depression and anxiety.

To avoid stress, parents would like more flexible working conditions (44 percent) and more recognition from employers (39 percent). For the study, 1,007 parents of children under the age of 18 were interviewed representative of Germany.