What is production analysis and planning

Production Analysis Tool: Maximize Productivity - But How?

With Production Analysis, Komax claims to be offering a service with which maximum productivity can be extracted from existing equipment. Pius Anderhub, Product Support Manager Services, carries out production analyzes for customers around the world. Systems often run too seldom or too slowly. He then takes on the task of intensively and meticulously collecting facts about the causes based on an analysis. This takes place at the customer's site in his familiar production environment and typically lasts three days. The condition of the equipment, the setting of the parameters as well as the speed and number of production runs are examined. The causes are logged for each standstill or interruption.

Searching for the cause

Loss of productivity occurs, for example, in the work process, specifically in work preparation, settings, equipping, transport from the raw material store to the machine and into the finished material store, or even during assembly work by the operator. "By advising our customers around the world, we are of course familiar with all of these processes and their typical duration. We are something of an intermediary between our customers and can compare many production locations.

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