There is free Elo rating system software available

Is there any software or web service for club-level ratings?

Is there any software (or web-based service) that will allow you to track local club-level Elo ratings?

These ratings would have no connection with official Elo ratings, it would just be an Elo rating within the universe of players in a club (i.e. games in different social tournaments would calculate the rating).


Even if it's not available, it's not too difficult to implement yourself. Here is an example with an extremely stupid and simple rating system that is just meant to give you an idea. But I don't think it's that much harder to use the actual Elo formula.

EDIT: I edit my implementation using the Elo formula (bottomless) given by the formula here

It works like this:

Here is my original Python implementation:

It works like this:

It seems that Rankade, our ranking system for sports, games, and more, will suit your needs.

It's free and used to manage Leaderboards (and statistics , including matchup stats and more) for small to large groups of players.

Rankade used Elo not , but its algorithm ( Ree Called algorithm) is similar to Elo, albeit more complex (here a comparison between the most popular rating systems, including Elo , Glicko and TrueSkill ) when you play 1-on-1 games only.

I just downloaded and played around with a light freeware product for Windows called ELORater that seems to do exactly what you're looking for. You can create a "group" for your club and then add players to the group along with the initial ratings you want for them. Then you can simply enter the results of all games played and the program will keep an updated list of player ratings for you.

Allows you to create custom Elo rankings and control certain parameters. Mostly used by video game communities, but can be used to create leaderboards and manage Elo ratings for everything. Very easy to use. Maintains full game history and allows you to view a player's history, total score and change in their score per game individually. I use it for a super tournament that I run every week:

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