What are the word processing packages


Noxturnal offers a range of user-friendly features that transform daily processes into efficient workflows. Noxturnal software has a powerful reporting framework that adds flexibility to the solution.

The Noxturnal app for Android tablets also gives you a completely new level of flexibility and mobility.

  • Noxturnal automatically analyzes study data during the download and immediately displays the recording results in a clear view. After evaluating the data, the results are automatically updated so that you can always access the latest data.
  • To make the scoring process easier for you and to shorten the evaluation time, Noxturnal can automatically pre-analyze the recorded signals. The automatic evaluation logs can be adapted and processed as required to meet specific requirements.
  • Noxturnal's reporting was developed based on familiar word processing packages to make it easier for you to create, edit and customize sleep reports. The ability to create custom statistical fields gives you additional flexibility.
  • Thanks to an algorithm for which a patent is pending, Noxturnal can convert good quality RIP signals into calibrated RIP signals. This allows the system to divert the air flow from your patient's RIP belt and use it either as a supplement to the flow signal from the nasal cannula or as a replacement if your patient cannot tolerate a nasal cannula.
  • The Noxturnal software offers numerous functions such as the extended PSG recording according to the AASM standard, immediate recording results with automatic evaluation, calibrated RIP technology, flow-volume loops and the new Pleth waveform analysis. The workspace, reporting framework and statistical fields can be customized and central settings can be set up for multiple users.


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