Why did we create the traffic light


MP Philip Kucher (SPÖ): Dear ladies and gentlemen! Mr Engelberg, I can take up your words right away, precisely because this corona crisis is having very, very dramatic effects on people's lives and livelihoods, and I believe we have all felt these fates in recent months.

That there are young people who could no longer go to school, that there were old people in nursing homes who no longer saw their relatives, that there were people who died, that there were people who have become seriously ill and that there have been people who have literally lost their existence, that was the main reason for us that we said: Precisely because it is about overcoming this crisis together and together, it is important that we are happy to be there where we can positively support solutions and that where there are points of criticism, we all call for constructive improvements together.

The reason that we are going with you today and are helping to support this draft law, in which there were really a lot of mistakes at the beginning, is that there were 14,000 people who have submitted statements that we have achieved a constitutional solution today that this bogus of the summer will end with it (Interjection from the Abg. Sherak), that we were able, so to speak, to massively strengthen Parliament's control rights again and together - above all through an expert hearing - we managed to come up with a good solution. (Abg. Kickl: I ... you think so ... really!)

What I personally cannot understand, despite all the justified criticism: Let's be honest, at least we argue about the things that really have points of criticism! As an opposition politician, I also say very clearly: We have all seen that a lot of things don't work in Austria. But there are things that we can improve so that the government then at least has the legal basis.

I mean, you have to imagine, we have been presented with traffic lights for weeks in the summer, today we are only deciding on the legal basis. Nobody in Austria knows their way around anymore. (Interjection from Abg. Kickl.) We turned on the traffic lights, I think there was an avalanche of press conferences, every minister made his own traffic light - there is the Fassmann traffic light, there is the short traffic light, there is the anchoring traffic light, there are traffic lights everywhere, Briefly sees the traffic lights flashing in the tunnel - but nobody knows their way around anymore.

Today we decide the legal basis of this traffic light for the first time (Interjection from the Abg. Belakovich), therefore I really ask that you try to work together today to bring about these improvements (Applause from the SPÖ) and not - as NEOS and the Freedom Party did - to say that these five paragraphs, which today form the legal basis for the government's fiddling and driving around, are world-class when we all rightly criticized that im So much botch has happened in summer. It's about the existence of people, so - not because it's fun - I ask: Let's see that we can fix it together!

It would be easy to sit down there now and say it doesn't fit. Regarding the NEOS: That affected me today, you tell the same sayings, regardless of whether the laws have changed, whether or not people have contributed, regardless of what has been improved, always the same old story: It was madness for you, you didn't even want to go. (Applause from the SPÖ, ÖVP and the Greens.)

You can't work like that! To pretend that these five paragraphs are world class and that the improvements of 14,000 people are the catastrophe is not fair. (Interjection from Abg. Sherak.)

One last point, and I have to say this to Minister Anschober: What does not work is that the government has a hitch and there is a contest of vanities because the polls are apparently more important and Sebastian Kurz is offended at you - none I don't care; the people in Austria are the ones who suffer. It cannot be, if even the government no longer knows what is going on, and the traffic light fails completely, that it suddenly means: personal responsibility. That means, as soon as nobody in the federal government knows their way around - you ask five members of the government and get eight opinions - you suddenly blame the population. This little game that Sebastian Kurz practices - it's always the other's fault - please don't do that! (Applause from the SPÖ.)

So I ask: Let's criticize the points that we have to do better and don't say that if the subsidies don't work, the entrepreneurs are too stupid to spell the name correctly! These are all things that we have experienced. Suddenly it doesn't work anymore, unfortunately the number of cases is increasing now because you just slept in the summer. Faßmann suddenly realized that school would start again in the fall - he didn't do anything except set up his Faßmann traffic light, but he couldn't answer the parents' questions.

There really are enough things that we can criticize. But let's go with each other today, let's see that we put health in the foreground and let's see that we have a basis, that the traffic lights can work properly, that we have better legal bases! I really invite all parties to take seriously what 14,000 people have worked out with each other, including all of us.

So I can invite all parties to go with me today. There are enough points that we can criticize, but today please: once together! (Applause from the SPÖ, ÖVP and the Greens.)