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What are the reasons for choosing a gardener?

Anyone who is trained as a gardener today is making a good choice for their future. After all, many people want a green environment - both in their life and at work. You would like to enjoy a blooming balcony or a well-tended garden at home and enjoy regional fruit and vegetables. And who doesn't like to look outside into the green from their desk in the office? Future gardeners therefore have the best prospects for a successful start in their careers. There are also many interesting opportunities for further training. Those with the appropriate qualifications can even work as development workers abroad, for example.

Do you like to be outside in the open air and enjoy the beautiful nature? Are you interested in our environment and its protection and do you think scientifically? Then the gardening profession is right for you. Working with the seasons and, for example, planting ornamental plants and shrubs, growing vegetables and fruits, tending graves or designing gardens artfully - these are your activities in this versatile profession. If you like to work with plants, are creative and maybe also have the "green thumb", this job is for you. Even as a career changer with the relevant interests, you can find your calling as a gardener.

Gardeners nowadays work with the most modern technology. Greenhouses, for example, are already controlled by computers. The cultivation of plants is monitored and optimized here by the technology. In addition, a gardener no longer has to reckon with heavy physical work as in the past. Because here too, modern technology provides support, for example in the tree nursery or in gardening, landscaping, fruit and vegetable growing.

Both quiet and sociable people find their fulfillment in the gardener's job. For example, if you enjoy dealing with other people and are not afraid of a consultation, you are suitable for horticultural retail. Customers attach great importance to specialist information when purchasing plants. After all, they want their houses, balconies and gardens to be optimally designed. You can also maintain important contacts within the green industry via the diverse networks and connect with colleagues and like-minded people. Gardeners from a wide variety of professions regularly exchange ideas and meet for community activities.

What makes the gardening profession so attractive?

When you think of spring and summer, you automatically see nature in bloom. The sun is shining, it's warm and we are looking forward to warm barbecues and a lot of fun with our friends in the outdoor pool or at the garden party. We also find these seasons so wonderful because the flora around us shines in fresh colors. Luminous green trees and bushes, colorful flowers with their seductive scents lift our mood. Who do we owe much of this to? The gardeners who maintain the green spaces and plant flowerbeds. If you would enjoy being responsible for it, gardening might be your dream job.

The gardener's work is extremely varied. Those who choose this profession can choose between seven different fields of study. The gardener is characterized by craftsmanship and specific knowledge as well as creativity and teamwork. These green specialists not only enrich our gardens and landscapes, they are also responsible, full of ideas, independent and capable of working in a team. They can present their goods to customers in a tasteful way and offer specialist advice. Because they are very familiar with all topics relating to plants and crop protection.

Choose between these seven subjects:

  • Tree nursery - here you multiply z. B. Trees, grow and refine new varieties, cut trees and shrubs, process cultivation areas with appropriate machines, design sales areas and advise your customers with design tips.
  • Cemetery gardening - this involves the creation and design of graves as well as their care and planting depending on the season, the tying of wreaths and bouquets, the production of flower arrangements and bowls for grave decoration and working with computer-aided technical devices.
  • Gardening and landscaping - you prepare construction sites, renovate and maintain the soil, carry out irrigation and drainage work, work with stones, wood and metal, you plant and care for trees, shrubs and flowers, create lawns and plant roofs and facades.
  • Vegetable growing - here you plan the cultivation of vegetables, work the soil with special machines, sow vegetable seeds, grow and care for young plants, harvest, sort and label the vegetables and finally pack, market and sell them.
  • Fruit growing - you work the soil mechanically, assess and select the planting material, shape and refine fruit trees, you care for entire orchards and finally you harvest the fruit, sort and pack them carefully or store them.
  • Perennial nursery - this involves the selection and care of mother plants, the propagation and cultivation of perennials, the determination of the respective areas of use and appropriate labeling, the presentation of the perennials and professional advice to customers.
  • Ornamental plants - here, with modern production technology, ornamental plants are grown, propagated and cultivated in greenhouses and in the field in an environmentally friendly way.You choose the right soil, fertilizer, seeds and young plants and advise customers through to sales.

The gardening profession takes place largely outdoors, that is clear. You rarely sit at your desk - but that's exactly what is so fascinating about this job. Anyone who is interested in technology will be enthusiastic about the modern technology in the greenhouses, the special machines for construction sites and computer-aided plant cultivation. Gardeners can see what they have achieved at the end of the day and be proud of their work. The industry has growth potential and offers many attractive career opportunities. For example, you can become a state-certified technician or master. There is also the option of studying horticulture or landscape architecture. After completing your studies, you will be awarded the title Bachelor or Master.

A particularly versatile subject area: gardening and landscaping

Do you like to move in the really big dimensions? Then the gardening and landscaping department is the right one for you. Large areas are processed here, for example on construction sites or in large gardens and parks. With heavy equipment, you lay out turf, plant entire roofs and facades, carry out nature conservation measures and take care of the landscape. The gardener in horticulture and landscaping virtually arranges the landscape - as creative designers. A picturesque private garden, a lush park, a modern sports field or a colorful children's playground - all of these are examples of the creative work of landscape gardeners.

In this versatile department, you are also responsible for paving surfaces, paving embankments and renaturing streams. With your extensive knowledge of botany, you will be able to cut trees and plant and maintain large flower beds or green spaces. You often work with landscape architects, but also advise customers yourself. As a landscape gardener, you are, so to speak, outdoors all year round and work in changing areas. Depending on the company, you can also specialize, for example in the greening of roofs and facades, as an arborist or greenkeeper.

Facts and figures on the apprenticeship as a landscape gardener

As a gardener in gardening, landscaping and sports field construction, you are a sought-after specialist. Over 16,500 specialist companies in Germany employ more than 100,000 specialists and over 6,700 female and male trainees. Your customers are, for example, municipalities, industry and, of course, private individuals. After completing your training, there are many career opportunities available to you. As a trained landscape gardener, you can develop into a foreman or site manager in the company, for example. After just one year in the profession, you have the option of further training as a technician, after two years as a master. Those who want to get ahead can complete their studies in landscape architecture or landscaping with a bachelor's or master's degree.

Many interesting activities are open to you through additional training measures. Here are some examples from a long list:

  • Training master
  • European treeworker
  • Gardening director
  • Landscape architect
  • Nature and landscape maintenance
  • Expert
  • Technical Director
  • Workshop manager

After completing your training, you can work in one of the country's many gardening, landscaping and sports field construction companies. But there are also other fields of activity, for example:

  • Research institutes
  • Golf courses and sports clubs
  • Engineering offices
  • Teaching and research institutes
  • Schools, colleges, universities
  • Road construction, gardening or cemetery offices
  • Associations and Organizations
  • Water management offices

What opportunities does a landscaper have to earn?

The training allowances in gardening, landscaping and sports field construction in the Federal Republic of Germany are based on the current tariff (as of 01/01/2014). They are made up as follows:

In the case of a three-year training contract before the age of 18, the trainee receives

  • in the 1st year of training 560 euros
  • in the 2nd year of training 660 euros
  • in the 3rd year of training 750 euros

In the case of a three-year training contract after reaching the age of 18, the trainee receives

  • in the 1st year of training 605 euros
  • in the 2nd year of training 720 euros
  • in the 3rd year of training 810 euros

In the case of a two-year training contract before the age of 18, the trainee receives

  • in the 1st year of training 560 euros
  • in the 2nd year of training 715 euros

In the case of a two-year training contract after reaching the age of 18, the trainee receives

  • in the 1st year of training € 610
  • in the 2nd year of training 735 euros

If the training is finally successfully completed, as a landscape gardener you can expect the following starting wages (as of 01/01/2014 on the basis of 169.65 hours per month):

  • old federal states - gross EUR 2,271.61
  • West Berlin tariff zone - gross EUR 2,220.72
  • new federal states - gross EUR 2,169.82

Are you interested? Then start with an internship, for example. If you are then convinced that this profession is made for you, start your future as a creative designer!