How do restaurants clean so many vessels?

Coffee to go: so many bring their own containers - survey

Quickly order a hot drink or food to go on the go - many use this option. The container that you brought with you could protect the environment. But who really uses it?

It is more common for coffee to go or tea to take away: always or at least often more than a quarter bring your own mug with you. This was stated by 27 percent of those questioned in a Forsa survey commissioned by the German Food Association.

28 percent of those surveyed rarely use this opportunity to avoid rubbish. 45 percent of those surveyed never bring their own mug for hot drinks.

Coffee to take away: More than a quarter often use reusable cups they have brought with them. (Source: Shutterstock, elenab)

When shopping, it is also possible in many shops to bring your own containers such as plastic cans or bags - for example at the bakery, butcher or at the meat, cheese or salad counter in the supermarket. The majority stated that they brought their own vessels - more precisely: 34 percent rarely do this, 22 percent mostly and 7 percent always.

Have ordered food transferred to your own container

When it comes to having ordered takeaway food filled into a container that they have brought with them, a quarter of those surveyed used this option (15 percent rarely, 7 percent mostly and 5 percent always). So far, 73 percent have waived it.

As a reason for this, many stated that they did not know that this was possible in restaurants (49 percent) or even allowed (31 percent). Almost a quarter did not think of it or found it too complicated and impractical. Few also gave their own hygienic concerns or those expressed by the restaurant as a reason for not having brought their own packaging with them so far.

And it is true: it is not possible or practicable everywhere. Because restaurants must of course comply with hygiene regulations. Hence the tip: If you order food by phone, ask in advance whether and under what conditions the option exists.

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