Who is better MattyB or Johnny Orlando

Johnny and Jacob are friends. They've known each other since Magcon, and Johnny was a special guest at Jacob's concert in New York.

His appearance there:

And in October Johnny appears again at Jacob's concerts:

A recent summary:

Behind the scenes of "Let Go":

Canadian Food and Proud Parents:

Johnny was also a guest at Playlist-Live in Washington D.C .:


Johnny now has a little friend

Together with Carson and Mackenzie, Johnny played the Nerf Games:

The little one won the thing.

Soon a new music video will appear, together with Mackenzie Ziegler, known from "Dance Moms".

Another interview from the Teen Choice Awards:

Johnny doesn't really know YouTube. 90% of the editing of the videos is done by his sister Darian. I think Johnny hasn't done enough videos lately. He prefers to do musical.lys now. He already has millions of fans there.

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