Why should I study business in college?

International business studies

Germany is an export nation because we are home to numerous companies that sell their goods and services all over the world. Globalization and International Markets play an increasingly important role for us too. The trading conditions of the free economy are constantly changing and always bring new challenges with them.

Would you like to ensure that Germany remains a leading export nation? You want help determine the fate of a company in the global market? Or would you prefer to work for a foreign company and use your expertise, your passion and your virtues to advance the business? All of this is possible if you choose to study international business.

The course combines economics and creates a clear one Focus on internationality. With us, you will find out everything about course content, requirements, duration and course of study as well as your future career prospects and salary.

University tip


The IU not only has a Bachelor's and Master's degree in International Management in its program, but also, for example, International Event Management or International Marketing Management. The courses are offered at three locations in Germany. All the details are in the information material.