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Microsoft Yammer: The social media intranet and “internal employee Facebook” for more efficient corporate communication

Microsoft Yammer is a social employee network in Office 365 that enables company-wide communication, collaboration and networking of employees. Via this “Socia Media Intranet” for companies, your employees can playfully network on topics, ideas and projects, exchange experiences and knowledge, coordinate cooperation, chat and stay up to date on (job and company-relevant) news. In this way, Microsoft Yammer creates a modern, asynchronous and location-independent communication network that significantly simplifies cross-departmental communication in companies on a wide variety of topics - and thus ensures a more efficient exchange of experience and knowledge in your company.

Table of Contents:

1. What is Microsoft Yammer?
2. How do I get Microsoft Yammer?
3. Can I subscribe to / use Yammer without the Office 365 Suite?
4. How does Microsoft Yammer work?
5. What is the difference between Microsoft Yammer and Teams?
6. Does Yammer also work on mobile devices (cell phones and tablets)?
7. Practical tips for starting Yammer in your company
8. How do you integrate video conferencing and online meetings into the Yammer network?
9.Video: Introducing Microsoft Yammer's New Fluent Design (Coming 2020)

1. What is Microsoft Yammer?

Microsoft Yammer is an in-house social media platform for cross-company communication and dynamic employee networking. The cloud-based communication network is part of Office 365 and is similar in structure to the well-known social media platforms Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Xing & Co. As a central communication platform for the entire company, Yammer enables and facilitates the exchange of knowledge, ideas, feedback, experiences and news cross-disciplinary, cross-departmental and cross-location collaboration.

2. How do I get Microsoft Yammer?

Microsoft Yammer is part of the Office 365 Enterprise Plans E1, E3 and E5 for larger companies. It is not included in the Office 365 business packages for smaller companies. With a subscription to the O365 Enterprise Suite, the application is then automatically included in the product scope. Yammer is a cloud-based web application. To dial into the social intranet, all you have to do is navigate to or and log in with your office account.

3. Can I use Yammer without the Office 365 Suite?

Microsoft originally wanted to expand its own SharePoint technology with social media functions in order to be able to offer companies a corresponding “social intranet”. However, the hoped-for success and user acceptance did not materialize. So the Redmond IT giant bought Yammer, a start-up founded in 2008, for $ 1.2 billion in 2012. At the beginning of 2017, the product was then fully integrated into the Office 365 suite. Since then, Yammer has not been available as a standalone application and can therefore no longer be purchased or subscribed to without Office 365.

4. How does Microsoft Yammer work?

Yammer works almost exactly like the social networks from the private sector (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Xing etc.). Each user creates their own profile and can then post company or work-related articles and information, communicate with other colleagues and join topic-specific (company) groups. The possibilities at a glance:

  • Create and edit content: Yammer can create, edit, share and present content, including a chat function. A SharePoint team website and a document library are automatically available in Yammer for this purpose. Notes and common Office documents can also be created directly without having to leave the application. Topic or project-relevant files, documents, images and videos can be attached to all posts posted. All posts can also be liked (I like), commented on and shared as usual.
  • Communicate and exchange: Every user can write messages to other employees and talk in (group) chats. People can also be @mentioned to include them in a conversation. Video streams (with the integrated Microsoft Stream) can be used for company-wide announcements and information. Users can also join thematic groups to connect with a community, stay informed, collect ideas, exchange ideas about work processes and projects, and share experiences.
  • Form topic-specific groups: For each company-relevant topic area, separate subject-related "community groups" can be created. All employees relevant to the topic or project can be invited to these thematic groups / forums, e.g. from production, development, service, marketing, sales, sales, etc. - and this can be done flexibly, regardless of location and with no time limits (asynchronous communication). Yammer also offers a quick and easy function to carry out surveys within a group / community / forum, e.g. for voting and quick feedback.
  • Always stay informed: People relevant to your own work can be "followed", as on Twitter. You can also subscribe to individually interesting news feeds. A smart search function (based on the intelligent Office 365 graph algorithm) makes it easier to search and find relevant files, people, specific experts, groups, chats and conversations within your entire internal Yammer company network.
  • “Yammer” outside the company too: Originally, Yammer could only set up internal company networks. In the meantime, however, social business networks can also be set up for collaboration with external people (i.e. e-mail addresses outside of the company's own Office 365 subscription can also be integrated).

The greatest advantages of Microsoft Yammer at a glance:

  • Information and news that are relevant for the entire company, corporate divisions or individual departments can be shared more quickly and easily via the Yammer company network and thus reach all employees more effectively.
  • If necessary, the respective specialists in the company can simply be called in by @mentioning the name. Problems and new ideas can thus be discussed more easily in an interdisciplinary manner and improved together.
  • This lays the foundation to better benefit from the existing (special) knowledge and the (already performed) work in the company and to be able to build on it - which improves the efficiency in the company.

This new type of dynamic networking of all employees can accelerate many work processes, such as meetings or the creation of needs-based quick offers.

5. What is the difference between Microsoft Yammer and Teams (also Office 365)?

The Office 365 universe has another collaboration tool for corporate communication: Microsoft Teams. The Skype for Business successor Teams offers the full range of modern online communication functions, such as audio group discussions and live video conferences. The big difference between the two applications is: Yammer is a corporate social network that links the entire company dynamically and asynchronously with and with one another. Teams, on the other hand, is designed for direct online communication (chat, audio, video) and collaboration in smaller work groups (teams).

6. Does Yammer also work on mobile devices (cell phones and tablets)?

Yammer is available on all devices and operating systems: PC, Mac, smartphones and tablets. In November 2019, the Microsoft developers also presented a revised version of the corporate social network in the new "Fluent Design". Fluent means that the design, user interface and operation are the same across all device groups in order to make it easier for users to switch between device classes. This makes Yammer the first Microsoft application to appear entirely in Fluent design (in the course of 2020).

7. Practical tips for starting Microsoft Yammer in your company

It is important that you create a few community groups for the most important topics in your company in Yammer right from the start. These can be individual company areas, specific departments, a group for the entire company or for common topics and interests (e.g. IT, corporate health management). If you proceed with the correct selectivity right from the start, there are numerous advantages:

1. Because only if the Yammer groups map the most important topics in your company can your employees network appropriately in order to share and exchange their specialist knowledge and experiences.

2. In these thematic groups, new ideas can be optimally shared and discussed in an interdisciplinary manner. If you have any questions, in-house specialists can simply be consulted by @mentioning them. In this way, problems can be solved more efficiently and innovations accelerated.

3. Executives can become more visible and present for all their employees through active commenting, discussing, praising and informing in the Yammer groups. This promotes the communication culture in your company and strengthens the connection between employees and management team.

4. Since Yammer is also available for mobile devices, you can also integrate your sales force into the network and (if necessary) into special topic groups. This is important because your front line can bring important practical knowledge and experience to the company's knowledge, such as giving feedback from end users or drawing attention to existing problems (and these escalate). As a result, the field service, which is hardly accessible for conventional meetings, provides important impulses, e.g. for ideas, changes and innovations in the area of ​​product development (see Fig. 1).

8. How do you integrate video conferencing and online meetings into the social Yammer network?

Unfortunately, not at all. For video conferencing and online meetings, you need to use another Office 365 tool: Microsoft Teams. Teams is the successor to Skype for Business and masters all variations of online communication, from multi-participant chats and audio group discussions to HD video conferences for virtual meetings and online seminars with up to 10,000 participants.

  • One advantage of Office 365, however, is the simple combination of different tools into one tool set. The Microsoft Groups application then forms the bracket around the various programs.
  • In this way, teams can also be added to a group formed from Yammer. Every user who joins this Yammer group then automatically receives access to the communication functions in teams - but the reverse is not possible.
  • Since March 2019, however, you have been able to include a Yammer panel in Teams so that you don't miss what is happening in Yammer while working in Teams.
  • Here you will find our Office Kaizen blog posts and instructions on how → Microsoft Groups work in Office 365 as well as our introduction to → Microsoft Teams.

9.Video: Introducing Microsoft Yammer's New Fluent Design (Coming 2020)

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