Do you feel empty as a housewife

A frustrated housewife and mother unpacks

When I read the following conversation by two mothers, I just cried. Because I've often felt the same way, because too often mothers feel (and also are) on the sidelines of work, because “only” housewives and mothers get zero recognition because a mother shouldn't be so unhappy. The reader we are talking about was so generous as to forward an email conversation between herself and a friend to me (and us!). She is a housewife and mother and gets rid of her frustration. Frustration we've all had, no matter what job we do. Read for yourself and like to comment !!

K: (...) “Actually, I'm shitty. I'm jealous imagine that .. I'm jealous because everyone is on the rise, only me at a standstill. I am actually learning for what? For the whole nation I'm “only” the housewife anyway.

And I'm so sick of it ... today I got a severe crying fit while driving and in summary said: That was it ... my time as an independent spirit, as a freethinker as a bon vivant .. All that I still wanted to see. All that I still wanted to experience .. That was it. Yes, I am a good mother and yes, I have fantastic children whom I adore and a man I cannot imagine better. But I myself .. that's it ... .. I never get out, I never get away, I have no more professional opportunity (no chance in the sense of really doing something that gives me pleasure, what challenges me) My intelligence withers somewhere between that Strengthen your back and change Pampers.

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I have to deal with sooooooooooooo stupid mothers that I sometimes ask myself .. where is the parent's license? .. and I'm just .. annoyed .. unfulfilled and sad. "

Q: “I completely understand your words and at the same time I know that it is not like that… ..because your children will grow up…. Yes, I know it will take some time, but looking to the future it is like that !! You alone can change this feeling of being “just a mother” !! You have to take out your "things", the things your soul needs, and do that too !! This is your right, even if you are mom and also if you have a husband !! You also have your needs, which you are also allowed to have! You have your mom and me who like to take care of the dwarfs when you need time for yourself !!

You can come to me anytime, anytime, if you are fed up with the "daily greetings from the marmot existence" !!! Soooo and something else, ... .. tomorrow would be a great party with people where you can be as you are: You are welcome to think about whether you want to "switch off" for a night, ... .. so I would like to take away !!

K: "Tomorrow that won't work, but I hope if I spontaneously change my mind ... that I can still come with you? I've talked to my "old man" for a long time and I think it's just stupid. That sounds sooooooooooo arrogant, but I know that you understand me. You know you are special and you just feel like the last dork.

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There is war on the maternity field, Iraq can hide completely there.

Working women are basically the lazy bastard who can just b ... en (editor's note: the slang word for copulate is meant) and men briefly look at your chest and then in the stroller. So you're trapped somewhere in the gray no man's land .. You get up, change Pampers, make breakfast, cook, do the laundry and do the daily housework and then ask yourself after weeks .. Wait a minute ... what am I doing there?

No question, I don't want to spend a day in a very different way, after all, there's honestly nothing better than the morning glare when you come into the room and meanwhile I also play sunken car ... but if you have the feeling that you are constantly in the shadow of your own children and your own Man and is actually more perceived as a "person on duty" as a strong character, intelligent person ... that's more than extreme. ... I know you understand me (...)

Dear K.,

I wish you from the bottom of my heart that you can look back on your daily performance with more pride. But that's damn hard, because your work is unpaid work that is little respected by society. It's about the next generation! All transfer payments from this country are of no use if a mother has to feel that way. It's a shame! Thank you for sharing this with us….

Kind regards
Nina / wife mother

What do you want to say to K.? We look forward to many comments!


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