Will travelers boycott Trump hotels?

5 foundations for success in content campaigning

Almost all media in Germany ("Spiegel", "Stern", "Welt", "Huffington Post", "Bild", "Mopo", "Zeit" ...) reported about it. The "G20 Trump Suite" took place on n-tv, RTL and Spiegel TV, but also on Russian and Japanese television. The campaign was liked and shared worldwide on Facebook and Twitter.

The Trump Suite was in the right place at the right time and in the right tone. And thus achieved a reach of over 80 million contacts. The following 5 characteristics of a successful content idea can be derived from this case.

Idea from the brand core: Does the idea really fit the brand? 

Only ideas that come from the core of the brand have a long-term effect. The hotel group 25hours is a creative hotel idea for cosmopolitan travelers. The brand focuses on individuality and authenticity. Every hotel is designed differently, and the designers focus on attention to detail in the interior. The idea of ​​the "G20 Trump Suite" contributes to this brand core - even if its furnishing style does not, of course, correspond to the taste of the hotel makers.

25hours Hotel targets US President Donald Trump

Hamburg is always worth a trip - except maybe this weekend. Because around the G20 summit there should be a lot going on in the Hanseatic city. The 25hours Hotel and Honey have come up with a special offer that makes a visit worthwhile.

Relevance: What does the brand have interesting to say?

Brands that want to be relevant today have to occupy certain social, cultural and societal values. 25hours stands for authenticity, attitude and creativity. The Trump Suite credibly shows how you can get a political message out into the world with a twinkle in your eye. In doing so, she demonstrates an attitude without index fingers and without becoming too political. The campaign is very close to the brand and yet does not have an advertising effect.

Timing: is the timing right for this content?

Only then will it be accepted and recommended. The G20 summit, which will take place from July 6 to 7, 2017, kept not only the people of Hamburg but all of Germany in suspense for months. The G20 summit was reported around the world, including the back and forth of Trump's accommodation. There was no better time for the campaign.

Emotions: What I see from a brand has to touch me in some way and trigger something in me: joy, fear, longing, etc.

The Trump Suite has received worldwide recognition. A peaceful and clever statement that appeals to people and has triggered something in the viewer with its humor, bitterness and the necessary sarcasm.

Zeitgeist: In order to inspire, brands have to meet the zeitgeist with their ideas.

There are anti-Trump organizations, Trump memes, the “Boycott Trump” app. The prevailing antipathy for Donald Trump can be felt everywhere. The Trump Suite picks up on this wisely and is the contemporary answer to Trump's narcissistic behavior.