Who were the Nazarenes

The first secession

The Luke covenant or the Nazarenes

The Nazarenes provide a good example of the life of artists in the period of upheaval in the modern age of art.

Many young painters at the academies could no longer identify with the prevailing concept of art in classicism and were looking for something different. In 1809, young painters of the visual arts came together at the Vienna Academy.

They called themselves the Lukasbund. They elevated the Christian German Middle Ages to their view of the world. Their demand was to reunite art and life and to strengthen national self-confidence with a renewal of the religious in art.

The motto of the Lukasbund, "Let us turn our lives into a work of art", was even adopted by Fluxus and other action artists in the 20th century.

The role models of the members of the Lukasbund were the early Raffael and Albrecht Dürer. The artists even completely adopted Albrecht Dürer's style as "simple and honest". That sounds like a step backwards into the past. But the exact opposite is the case. It is a break with classicism, which is rigidly regarded as the only art form at the academies.

They want to set up an art business in a collective based on the medieval guild system. The founders of the Lukasbund are now the founders of the first Secession. They are pioneers of modernism, with their strategies of approbation and conceptual art. Up until Expressionism, this art style had a great impact on religious painting in Europe.

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