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Design a newsletter with Mailchimp's new editor

Did you know that the concept of email marketing has been around for more than 40 years? Absolutely justified, as we think. Newsletters not only offer the opportunity to win and retain new customers, but also to stand out and be remembered. It is all the more important that you have the right tool to design your newsletter efficiently.

In this multi-part blog post, we would like to show you how you can design newsletter campaigns with the new Mailchimp editor.

Before you start

Here are some things you should know before starting this process.

  • The new email builder is a beta feature. It is currently only available for regular email.
  • Product content blocks are available for users connecting to an assisted ecommerce store or custom API 3.0 integration. To find out whether your shop supports this function, visit the «Integrations» page, click on the name of your integration and check the list of functions.
  • In order to achieve the best results, you should only advertise products from the shop that are connected to the target group that should receive your newsletter.

Select the new builder

If you haven't set a default builder in your account details, you can select the new email builder when you design your content. If you select the new builder twice in a row, it becomes the standard.

Follow these steps to select the new builder.

1. In the Contents section of the Email Builder, click Design Email.
2. Select the new builder in the pop-up modal.

Very good! You are ready to design your newsletter in the new builder. Next, you choose a template that will serve as the basis for the design of your newsletter.

Choose a template

To make it easier for you to get started, Mailchimp provides you with a minimal template. However, if you would like to receive a template tailored to your needs, please contact us. Now you can either add your content or you can switch to a different template to get a different look.

Follow the steps below to preview and switch templates.

1. Click on Templates in the new email builder.

2. Move the mouse pointer over the template you want to work with and click on Preview to see the layout.

3. When you are ready to switch, click Apply.

4. In the “Change template” pop-up menu, you can choose whether you want to continue with the existing content or start with a new template.

Well done! Next you choose a background color, then add the content of your newsletter and design it.

Edit background color

If you want to change the background color of your entire newsletter, you can do it as follows:

1. Click on the background area next to any content block.

2. Go to Canvas in the Background menu to select or add a color for the area behind your content.

3. Click on Backdrop in the Background menu to select or add a second background color for the borders of your newsletter.

Add content

Mailchimp works with content blocks to add different types of content to the newsletter. The available content blocks are Heading, Paragraph, Image, Logo, Button, Separator, Spacer, Video, Product, Social, and Layout. Each Mailchimp template also includes a required footer content block at the bottom of the newsletter.

To add a new content block, move the mouse pointer over your newsletter and click on the plus symbol (+) where you want it.

This will open the content block menu, where you can choose what type of block you want to add.

After you've added a block, use the edit menu and toolbar to adapt it to your design. You can also click on an existing block to bring up its editing options.


Use the Headline content block to add a heading text to your newsletter. After you have added or clicked a heading block, you can enter the text directly into the email.

Follow the steps below to use the Heading content block.

1. Click on a heading content block or add one to your email.

2. Add or edit your text and use the formula bar to format the text as needed.

3. Select the heading size, the font attributes and the alignment in the toolbar. You can also choose to create a bulleted or numbered list, insert a link, or add merge tags.

4. On the Heading menu, use the Font pop-up menu to change the font. Then select the font size and colors for the block text, the links and the background.

5. If you want to apply these styles to all heading blocks in your content, click on Style «apply to all headings».


Use a paragraph content block to add text to your newsletter. After you've added or clicked a paragraph block, you can enter your text directly into the email.

To use a paragraph content block, do the following.

1. Click on a paragraph content block or add one to your newsletter.

2. Add or edit your text and use the formula bar to format the text as needed.

3. Here, too, you can select the font attributes and alignment in the toolbar and change the font in the "Paragraph" menu.

4. If you want to apply these styles to all paragraph content blocks in your content, click on Style «apply to all headings».

In the second part we will show you how you can customize images, logos, buttons, footers and much more. Be curious. If you would like to find out more about newsletters now, we recommend reading the following blog posts: