Why is plastic recycling important

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Plastic recycling

Plastic recycling is important to protect our raw materials, some of which are finite. Plastic recycling Can be in no way inferior to the original raw material with high quality. The resulting regranulate in the plastics industry is by no means worse than new goods.

Recycling is nothing more than reusing waste. Here in particular plastics. Since plastics often consist of several compounds that cannot be recycled independently by nature, this has to be done by specialized companies. Protecting the environment and efficient recycling for a high-quality, reusable product is the top priority. Quality economical and environmentally friendly.

Plastics are used in a wide variety of sectors, whether industry or end customers. This always creates waste which has to be introduced into a raw material cycle and so plastic recycling can take place. For this purpose, waste is collected, sorted, shredded and ground. This is mainly the case in the industrial sector. Plastics that are used for "end customers" are often collected in landfills or incinerated.

Aurora Kunststoffe GmbH recycles plastics for industry, resulting in regranulate and regrind. A constant further development of the procedures and testing in the in-house laboratory is an important process in order to maintain constant quality and to produce high-quality products (regranulate, regrind).

At AURORA Kunststoffe GmbH, in addition to environmentally friendly plastic recycling, cost-effectiveness also counts for customers, who sometimes benefit from a well-engineered logistics concept. Thanks to many years of experience in logistics, AURORA can convince with a lot of know-how and make plastic recycling even more effective.

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Plastic recycling

Today more than ever, efficient plastic recycling is essential. Plastic is mainly made from petroleum. Like many other raw materials, oil is also finite. Efficient plastic recycling is therefore very valuable. If plastics were not recycled, they would be very poorly or not at all decomposable in our nature or in collection points such as landfills.

Plastic recycling

A distinction is made between three common methods of plastic recycling.

  • Material recycling: The plastic collected as waste is sorted, shredded and processed; this results in granules, which in turn are melted down and processed into new products. The focus is on efficient and environmentally friendly recycling of the plastic.
  • Raw material recycling: splitting of the smallest molecules of the plastic. The addition of oxygen and high temperatures prevent the plastic from burning. The advantage of this method is that there is no sorting of the waste.
  • Thermal recycling: The plastic is not recycled and added to the cycle as expected, but incinerated. This method is therefore very cost-effective, as all previous steps such as collecting, sorting, shredding and processing are omitted. However, such systems must have highly efficient filters, as the combustion process can produce toxic substances.

Material recycling has the advantage of producing regranulate as an end product, which is in no way inferior to the quality of new goods. An efficient and environmentally friendly handling of the plastic waste is guaranteed in this way. Financial savings and having done something for the preservation of our living space round off plastic recovery on the basis of material recycling.

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Plastic recycling and more

Due to the wide variety of materials that arise during recycling, commercial plastic recycling is more complex to consider, since the plastic is sorted and dismantled with it. Material processes have a similar sequence of the known recycling methods for commercial plastics or plastic waste.

The end product of plastic recycling is regranulate, which is used for new plastic parts. Due to constant further development in the recycling of plastics as well as a modern machine park and a company with a high value for efficiency, regranulate is almost of the same quality as new goods. Plastic recycling in the commercial sector is primarily carried out by medium-sized companies. The recycling of our general plastic materials is reserved for large corporations, which can introduce a corresponding amount into the recycling cycle.

Our nature can "recycle" all self-produced substances and add them to the natural cycle. As a result of development and progress, components and substances have emerged that nature cannot decipher and, without human initiative, would be left behind as plastic waste, which would thus permanently damage the living space of all of us. Since our nature cannot recycle plastic, we all have to take action to recycle plastics and never end to recycle them again and again, whether in the medium-sized, commercial plastics sector or in the general public via large corporations. The focus is on protecting our nature. We also recycle your plastic waste in a cost-efficient manner.

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