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How do you open an optician's shop in Switzerland?

Are you a young qualified optician and would like to open your own eyewear shop in Switzerland? Are you interested in the profession of optician and would you like to work in this area? Before you take over or open an optician's business, it is important to understand that this can be a very long-term project. Even if the takeover of an existing business is faster than a start-up, it can take between six and twelve months to find a suitable location, to carry out a market analysis, to determine the optimal market orientation, to set up the company and develop a business plan, to become a financial partner find and eventually open the business.

Determining the location of your optician's shop


The project you are aiming for requires considerable investment on your part. Therefore, you should view the project with the necessary distance. Ultimately, you make a decision that will determine your career for the next few years. There is a lot of organization that needs to be organized when you plan to open a business and you need to be careful not to lose sight of your priorities. The most important steps in the project must be carefully thought out so that you save valuable time and do not forget anything.

The first step is to choose the location for your business. Unfortunately, it is not enough to have a relatively precise idea of ​​the municipality or canton in which you want to settle. In order to carry out a well-founded market analysis and then to draw up a business plan, it is essential to know the exact location of your future business. To do this, you can turn to retail specialists who will support you in choosing the right location based on your criteria and their excellent knowledge of the optics market and local trade. Since the optics industry is flourishing in Switzerland, it is important to choose a cleverly chosen location in order not to unnecessarily compete with other opticians. Choose an area where you can expect high market potential and little competition.

Creation of the business plan for your optician's business


The second step consists in creating the market analysis and the business plan for your future eyewear business. Since the business location has already been determined, you already know a significant part of your future expenses: the rent. The sales performance of the various competitors in the local optics market, their orientation and the typology of the future customer base are shown in the remaining part of the market analysis. You have to be able to stand out from the local competition. For example, you can offer your customers a large selection of frames and brands of glasses as well as advice from make-up experts and optometrists. In addition, you should have some knowledge of contactology as the demand for contact lenses continues to grow. Practicing the profession of optician also requires manual skills, which are essential for the production of corrective lenses. So make sure that, as a branch manager, you really do meet all the requirements of the profession of optician.

Determine the direction of your optician's business


The third step now is to determine the direction of your business. You can open an optician's business as an independent optician or become a franchisee of a major optical brand. Most opticians are now members of an optical brand, as this offers numerous advantages. The question of brand loyalty often arises at the beginning of the project when looking for a suitable location for the optician's business. The brand supports you in your search for a suitable location that is based on the location of the existing stores in the optics chain. Then you should think about which vision and values ​​you would like to convey to your future customers. If you want to become a branded eyewear optician, it is important that you understand the contract design, the decision-making processes, the market orientation and the costs associated with membership as well as the operating costs.

There are many benefits to being a franchisee for an optical brand. You benefit in particular from the awareness of the brand, receive support in setting up your business, thanks to joint purchasing by the brand's purchasing center, you have a large selection of corrective and sunglasses frames at lower prices and you have the option of getting advice on the shop fittings . If you settle under the brand name Optic 2000, you benefit from a company reputation of over 20 years in Switzerland, a high-performance purchasing center, regular monitoring and competent marketing advice.

Would you like to become a branch manager of an optician's shop? Contact us and we will discuss your project together.

Find a reliable and attractive financial partner


The next step is to find financial partners. Banks, like private investors, are indispensable partners for your project. They analyze your entire project and assess the possible risks. Your job is to convince them that this is a solid project, that you will achieve the goals defined in the business plan and that your future optician business will be profitable.

Remember to also consider the operational aspect of your plan to open an optician's business


The last step is to put everything you have prepared into practice. Your company orientation is not only expressed through the business concept, but also through the products offered, the prices, the communication effort and the skills of your future employees.

Optic 2000 supports you in your plan to open an optician's shop


The employees of Optic 2000 are experts in the optics industry and accompany you from the beginning to the end of your start-up or takeover project. Helping you find the best location, working out a business case and business plan, thinking through the concept of your future business - all these are part of the services that Optic 2000 offers its future franchisees.

With Optic 2000 you benefit from a strong, renowned brand that serves as the ideal springboard for the further development of your future business. This is also an important argument for financial partners who know that our business model for franchisees represents a model for success. They are therefore more likely to believe in your project. By opting for Optic 2000, you can be sure that you will bring your project to a successful conclusion - in the sense of a valuable win-win partnership.