How does meditation help reduce stress

reduce stress

5. Get enough sleep for your recovery

In addition to physical activity and a healthy diet in times of stress, one point is particularly important:adequate sleep for your body and your balance. A working person needs enough sleep, for example, to maintain his or her performance during the day. In addition, a healthy sleep rhythm helps to lower the cortisol level. How much sleep the body needs varies from person to person and depends, among other things, on age. But especially in stressful situations, you should listen to your body and allow yourself to recover. After all, you know your own body best and know how much sleep is good for you.

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6. Know priorities, set goals and avoid multitasking

Knowing your priorities will avoid wasting time on unnecessary things. If you want to relieve stress, you should studyto distinguish the important from the not so important and only then do the most important things. The rest can or must wait. For stress relief, it is still important to have one clear goal in life work towards it, as a person without specific goals will always struggle against stress. To reduce stress, you should also avoid trying to do multiple tasks at the same time. Instead, do you focus onjust one thing, you work much more focused and result-oriented.

7. Time for hobbies, family and friends

In addition to work and everyday stress, family, friends and hobbies are often neglected. Many people therefore try to squeeze all of their leisure activities for which they had no time during the week into the next weekend and forget about rest and relaxation in the process. But with the stress at work or in everyday life"Leisure stress" replacing it is also not a good alternative. During your leisure time, it does not depend on how much you can do, but rather on whether you do the things that give you pleasure.

8. Cold water as an immediate relief against stress

Hard to believe, butcold water really helps relieve stress. In addition, it is easy and can be used almost anywhere. To do this, you let the cold water run over your wrists for a while or you put a few drops behind your ears and you will notice how the tension subsides.