What is the reputation of CityU

Pseudo-University - Despite millions of students: Wettinger “University” is broke

Despite millions of students: Wettinger “University” is bankrupt

City University is broke, the students are left with nothing. The rector, however, already has new plans: he drives out the electrosmog from cell phones and, thanks to his knowledge of quantum physics and shamanism, helps managers get going.

At first one rumor followed another. Since the New Year, some teachers at the Swiss branch of the City University of Seattle (CityU) in Wettingen have been rumoring that the institute is bankrupt.

Then on January 10th the bad suspicion was confirmed for the 135 students from the Far East and Africa: CityU Switzerland is closing.

Now the students are in front of a pile of broken glass. Together they paid 3 million francs a year to successfully prepare for the future in the knowledge paradise of Switzerland thanks to excellent education.

Swiss rector disempowered

On the day of the bad news, Vice President Steven Olswang flew in from the USA. He disempowered the “Managing Director” of the Swiss offshoot Cemal Erinmez and announced with his entourage that the students would not be left in the lurch.

But they resisted. They are desperate: “We spent thousands of dollars to get here. It's not just about money. The future looks black. Our expectations as well as those of our parents were disappointed by this university », one person told aza.

Again new delicate promises

The CityU managers are now trying to limit the damage and promise that they will look for universities for the students in Switzerland to take over.

That should be extremely difficult. Because CityU's courses are of dubious value. The private semi-university is an example of how institutes with the term “university”, English catchphrases and the good reputation of Switzerland recruit students and sell them an education of questionable quality for expensive money.

The former Rector Erinmez sees it differently: "The students can transfer to practically any school because they can have their credits counted as credits within the Bologna system."

The fact is: CityU is not recognized by the rectors' conference of the Swiss universities because it does not meet their quality standards.

Chaos in the curriculum and no teaching aids

Some people told this newspaper that they did not even receive course material in certain courses. Erinmez says: “As of autumn 2009, the university has increasingly switched to e-books. For ecological reasons, the university has decided not to distribute any more books in the classes. "

Recruited students with great effort

Several people reported how complex measures were used to lure them into Switzerland.

Case of Nepal: Why did the students come here? Answer: «Switzerland is known for the hospitality industry and finance. CityU also offered a university degree from America. CityU had an agency in Kathmandu, Nepal. She was responsible for convincing students of CityU. In addition, advertising was placed on television and newspapers. CityU's program coordinator Ms. Edessa Ramos even came to Nepal for some time and organized seminars for those interested and at the same time made advertising.

Cameroon case: Students were recruited again by agencies: “We came across CityU through their agency EDUMISSVAL Association. Valery Nzie managed the offices in Cameroon. "

Erinmez is certain that those who could not have organized an internship were their own fault: “They either didn't want to work, showed up too late, dressed incorrectly or hadn't behaved properly. They did not cooperate in order to be able to survive at all according to the Swiss standard. "

Instead of internship courses at the Zurich Trade Association

An informant contradicts this: “Not one student received an internship as it was promised: three months of training. Instead, we were sent to a 'training' course from Gastro Zurich once a week. But the university didn't pay the bills and we couldn't even go there. "

When asked about it by az, Gastro Zürich headmistress Elisabeth Ruf was taciturn. She said: “The students were there and took their courses. But I don't want to say anything more about it. "

Students from the Bénédict school "taken over"

Another person already had negative experiences upon arrival: when he arrived in Zurich, the “Business Management School Wettingen” BMSW of the Bénédict school no longer existed - he had registered there in his home country.

Instead of joining the BMSW, he and his fellow students were "taken over" by CityU.

Erinmez said that the BMSW could not carry out the courses because apparently too few students received visas and were thus late for the beginning of autumn. They were then taken over.

But the case is likely to be different: The BMSW - Bénédict Business Management School Wettingen had to leave the field because it did not meet the cantonal accreditation requirements for Swiss universities.

On the website of CityU Switzerland it was mentioned that an agreement had been reached with the Bénédict schools for business administration and hospitality management. And the BHMS - Bénédict Business & Management School in Lucerne is still promoting the CityU today.

Astronomy for the hospitality industry

Other students also reported on non-specialist courses such as astronomy as a supplement to the hospitality industry. Here, too, Erinmez fends off: "With a Bachelor's degree, 180 academic credits have to be 'harvested' and only 30 are subject-specific."

Such university stories are nothing new in Wettingen: Vice-Captain Heiner Studer can remember similar scenes that took place in the same location a few years ago: At that time, too, a so-called university on Klosterstrasse went bankrupt.

The backers lured the students in with the fact that the institute had its own large library. It then turned out that they were referring to the Zurich Central Library.

Also «Managing Director» with a CityU degree

CityU-Switzerland schoolmaster Cemal Erinmez thought about responsible business in the book "Business and Ethics". Although at the end of May 2010 it was clear how bad things would be for his institute, he continued to advertise his courses.

The question of how much he earned per month as “Managing Director” of CityU is “irrelevant” for him, but he can assure you that the earnings were well below the salary of a Swiss Managing Director.

Erinmez claims to have a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. He received it in 1991 - from CityU. Students report that he also taught at CityU, which Erinmez confirms. He was able to draw on experience and also report on the perils of economic life: in 1998, personal bankruptcy was opened against him.

A glue against electrosmog

In addition, Cemal Erinmez is also involved in the metal trade with his Mikroprofil AS GmbH. It is still registered in the commercial register at an address that he left since 2005. He didn't want to comment on this to az.

The MBA graduate dances at many weddings. In return for a small fee, he neutralizes the electrosmog on every cell phone. You only have to stick a special vignette on the device for just under 40 francs.

Quantum Physics and Shamanism

Scientist and visiting professor Cemal Erinmez also enjoyed training in quantum physics, Chinese medicine and shamanism. With his "Acmos-Method" he helps with fear of flying or flatulence for free.

Management seminars, however, cost extra: business captains are included for CHF 1,000. Erinmez claims on a website that he is doing "research in Paris and Zurich" for his Acmos method.