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"Aras - Everyone is talking but sleeping" - “Aras” - Does the hip-hop song of the summer come from Hanover?

Many real greats in the industry have already done it: P. Diddy was once Puff Diddy times Diddy, Snoop Lion was first Snoop Doggy Dog then only Snoop Dogg. The list could go on forever, Cat Stevens becomes Yusuf Islam, or Gaga becomes Lady Gaga - they have one thing in common: a new name has never harmed their success. For many years Aras was on the road as "Ayzee". Sometimes in English, sometimes in German. “Much talked, little done. Plans forged, plans discarded ”, that's what Aras Zamani says about his time as“ Ayzee ”. He wanted to break away from that and with his new release he is back to what he has always been for his innermost circle: Aras. Back to your own identity - also as an artist.

So it's no wonder that his new mixtape is just called what it is: “Aras”. "Ayzee" - always a little bit of everything - is history. "The last creative phases in the past few years were always associated with long breaks - projects fell asleep," says Aras. With the subtitle for his tape “Aras - All talk but sleep”, he also criticizes himself. But even the “intro” of his new tape draws a clear line under his old ego, “I'm back and this time I'll stay too ." A promise.

"V-Neck" - the track for summer

Aras has been making music for years - shares his passion for the subject with other almost unknown artists - "otherwise you don't always come back to investing so much time and energy in your projects," says Aras. In “V-Neck” - perhaps the most promising track on the album for the summer - he makes it clear that it is neither money nor fame that drives him: “I neither want the clay, nor will I become a star, but I will grab mine Soul in each of these parts. ”With Fede as the feature guest for the track, the old-school beat with its positive vibes and the precise verses of the two rappers is like a good start to a summer day or a sunny weekend.

“Kool Aid” surprises - at least with the well-implemented idea of ​​having a gran piano - with its typical deep crashing sound - play the bassline. And a well-known rapper was immortalized in the chorus. In the song, Aras picks up on current sound trends without being a copy.

“Lisa's Interlude” - from a woman's point of view

Aras ‘perspective in“ Lisa's Interlude ”is unusual for a male rapper. The 28-year-old Hanoverian looks through the eyes of a woman, shares Lisa's thoughts. A young girl who got the wrong boyfriend, made mistakes, got pregnant and hopes that “her son will not become like his father”. Whoever is behind Lisa leaves Aras open - also on request. What happened to a friend or sister? Or is he even the one whose son should never become like himself? Part of the answer is in his next tape - which will be out in July. Aras promises a change of perspective - "maybe the answer to Lisa?"

The tape cover for "Aras - Everyone is talking but sleeping"

But that Aras also wants to clean up and clearly distinguish itself from the exclusively social-media fame on Facebook and Instagram - which could actually be a significant help to him as a young artist - he makes it clear on his tape not just once. In “iPhone X”, produced by “noshame”, Aras literally lashes out: “You are hyped shit, like the iPhone X”, he begins, referring to the recurring hype about artists that after a few years are completely unknown again: "100,000 followers but not even 10 in front of the stage, from whom you get applause". For Aras, Instagram and Co. are a make-believe world - he has often enough really let hundreds of fans go along with his live acts.

“Square” - getting older opens your eyes

He is also familiar with the illusory social media world from his private environment. As aggressive as social media make him in “iPhone X”, he becomes melancholy when they devour his friends. In “Quadrat”, produced by “Jack Wire”, Aras raps about the fact that everything changes, that getting older also opens your eyes: “See us less in life than in squares, prefer to think in 60 seconds, in the nocturnal hours instead of hanging out with the buddies, but maybe it's me ”.

There is another way. "Aras" is a tape that should symbolize the beginning of a new journey. Ayzee is now Aras - and that means not only the change from English to German, but also a change in the artist's attitude. In July it should go on with the next release. So the first differences to previous years can already be seen.

A studio session by Aras on the creation process of "Quadrat"

By Fabian Wenck / RND