Auckland is open to the world

Study in the North Island of New Zealand

A total of 3.42 million
Auckland 1.4 Million
Wellington 393.000
Hamilton 218.000
Palmerston North 82.000

Climate: Temperate, maritime, subtropical in the north

According to Maori legend, the demigod Maui once pulled New Zealand's North Island as a giant fish while he was out at sea with his brothers. Because of this, it was given the name Te Ika-a-Maui (The Fish of Maui). Today the island is home to most of the Kiwis, as the people of New Zealand are also called, and offers breathtaking beaches, great views, interesting cities and hidden natural treasures from the northernmost to the southernmost point.

Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand and is located in the north of the island. Countless sailing boats and yachts shape the cityscape, which earned it the nickname City of Sails. The Sky Tower, the tallest structure in the southern hemisphere, watches over the city. City lovers will certainly get their money's worth in Auckland: modern shopping malls, hip clubs and excellent restaurants are lined up, especially in the center, and promise varied days and long nights.

In terms of size and population, it can Wellington not to compete with Auckland, but the capital of New Zealand scores with charm and cosmopolitanism. It is the country's cultural and political center and, in addition to the parliament building, also houses the world-famous Te Papa Museum, where you can learn more about New Zealand, its history and Maori culture.

Located north of Wellington Palmerston North. With 82,000 inhabitants, the city cannot be compared with Auckland or Wellington, but it has a very young character due to the many educational institutions. Thanks to its central location in the lower part of the North Island, Palmerston North is also the perfect starting point for excursions in the surrounding area, for example to the Tongariro National Park or the beautiful beaches further north on the Coromandel Peninsula.

As New Zealand's largest city off the coast, it was Hamilton mainly known as an agricultural center for decades. Even today, the area around the city, the Waikato region, is still heavily influenced by agriculture. In the meantime, however, it is best known for its university and the relaxed student life with many bars and trendy restaurants. For tourists, Hamilton is the starting point for trips to Hobbiton, the location of the Lord of the Rings films, and Raglan, one of New Zealand's most famous surfing beaches.