What's your least embarrassing moment ever

Women: Women confess embarrassing experiences with men

Whether it's a casual flirt, a first date or sex: we women want to show ourselves from our best side. But unfortunately that doesn't always work and there are situations where we would sometimes like to sink into the ground. Three women reveal which experiences with men they were really embarrassed about.

Lara *, 35 years old, hardly dares to confess her most embarrassing experience. With a red head, she finally begins to tell: "I was still quite fresh with my boyfriend. I had an incredible crush and wanted to do everything right. And then that. I would have loved to sink into the ground." Lara is having sex with her boyfriend. It's getting pretty hot and as the waves of orgasm wash over her, there is no moaning, but a very loud burp from her lips. "That was the most embarrassing experience ever. I was frozen in motion and looked at my friend with wide eyes. First there was silence and then he started to laugh out loud. I just had a bright red head," recalls Lara. "I will never forget that."

A gift that isn't

Simone * also experiences an embarrassing situation. She meets a young man on vacation. They both have a steady partner, but they still flirt. "It was clear to us that nothing would work there, but we spent a lot of time together and also made small approaches." At the end of the vacation he gives Simone a heart-shaped stone and says: "Look. Nice, isn't it?" She is very happy about the supposed gift and thanks him very touched. But then comes the sentence that makes her sink into the ground: "This is for my girlfriend", she gets to hear. "That was really uncomfortable. Through the flirting, I really imagined that he would give me a parting present. How stupid. I felt really stupid, stuttered around and said something like 'Oh, uh, of course. Stupid of me' . I would have loved to run away, "says Simone.

One kiss too many

Sabine * experiences her most embarrassing moment at a summer party: "I danced with a man all evening and kept waiting for him to kiss me. At some point I just kissed him on the mouth." Sabine is surprised that he is taken by surprise and reacts defensively. "It was only afterwards that I found out that he had a girlfriend and that he had deliberately avoided kissing," says the 45-year-old. "I was totally embarrassed and I just thought, 'Oh, man, everyone else probably knew it, except me'. I pushed myself really hard on him. Very embarrassing."

She wants sex and he just laughs

With another experience, Sabine doesn't really know whether to classify it as embarrassing or humiliating: She has had intensive contact with a man for a long time and at some point they sleep together. "His behavior suggested we were having some kind of relationship, but he never said it," she explains. The two of them always do something together - even outside of bed. Since Sabine is madly in love, at some point she can't take it anymore and asks him whether they are in a relationship or not. And she also admits that she fell in love and would like more. But he reacts dismissively and gives her to understand that he no longer wants.

"Since the sex was really nice and I didn't want to lose the man completely, I offered him that we could still have sex with each other. He just looked at me and laughed. That was it," reports Sabine . "At that moment I just felt taken advantage of. I didn't even know what to think anymore." The rebuff hits Sabine hard and she is ashamed of her humiliating behavior. "We didn't see each other after that."

* Name changed by the editor.