How many players are in Mobile Legends

So you've played Mobile Legends on your Android device? You quickly realize how strange playing games on Android can actually be! This is especially true for PC MOBA players. If you don't have a very high quality Android device and are already used to playing MOBA games on your Android device, you will find that the game is stuttering; at best. Typical Android devices these days are simply not designed to be as responsive as you need to play Mobile Legends. The controls can seem awkward to PC MOBA gamers despite the best efforts of the developers.

How can you work around these issues to get a real PC feel while playing Mobile Legends? Well, you just play it on your PC. Even if your Android device has smooth gameplay, your PC can do better. It's just a fact. Most, if not all, mobile devices cannot fully compete with the performance of a PC. Instead of letting your PC collect dust from playing on an Android device, you can play the Android games on your much more powerful PC and keep your mobile device ready for calls and text messages.

How do you play Mobile Legends on your PC?

Just install the new BlueStacks 4 on your PC. From there you can configure the software like any Android device in the BlueStacks settings. If you are in the BlueStacks settings, configure it to your liking and add your Google account. Once you have BlueStacks exactly the way you want it, simply use the pre-installed Google Play Store to install Mobile Legends, and that's it! Then you can start Mobile Legends.

The game mechanics

When you start Mobile Legends for the first time, you will need to play through a few tutorials. The opening tutorials are always a good idea, the other tutorials on offer are, well, not so much. As soon as those are done or if you've found a way to skip it, you'll land on the main screen shown below.

No, the screen has Not the chickenpox. Those little red dots you see there let you know that you should either post, check out, or collect something. So do yourself a favor and check them out ASAP! For example the daily quests as shown below. Earn and get rewards!

If you skipped certain tutorials, you can still complete them afterwards and should do so. You can find them by clicking the "Prep" button in the lower left corner of the main screen.

Each of these 3 tutorials that you complete contains a certain number of Battle Points (BP). BP are used to buy various things in the shop.

The game modes

You can access the game modes by clicking the map in the center, as shown on the main screen above. More and more will be unlocked as you level up. When you reach level 8, every game mode is available. There is also a tutorial for each unlocked game mode.

The control

This is where BlueStacks tops gaming on an Android device. You have fully customizable controls and a standard set of controls that are ready to use right out of the box. You can change the default controls as you like. The recommendation is to leave the current settings as they are, but that depends on your taste.

Every time you run Mobile Legends in BlueStacks, you will be offered to play in either WASD mode or MOBA mode.

WASD mode uses these keys for movement and has preset keys so you can play with the keyboard and / or mouse. MOBA mode uses both a keyboard and a mouse. With the right Click you can move your hero. From then on, the buttons are already configured by default for the various capabilities. If you make changes to the standard setup, don't forget to save before exiting the advanced game controls by clicking on the "X".

Play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on PC

The trick here is that when you use a keyboard and / or mouse (depending on your mode) you will notice a significant difference in responsiveness. As mentioned earlier, your PC is much more responsive compared to a mobile device. With this speed boost, you have an advantage right from the start. To further improve this, a gaming keyboard and / or mouse can be used instead of the standard keyboard. These types of input devices are designed for speed!

The hero screen

Here you can find all the heroes Mobile Legends has to offer. The list is not bad at all!

If you click on a hero, you will get detailed information about that hero. If you look at the top center of the screen, you'll see a sort menu. In the shop there is the option of only showing heroes received. If you don't see a hero here as received, you can buy it on site. Before buying a hero, you can check out their skills. It is recommended that you save your in-game wallet the first time you start. Try out different heroes first to see which one suits you best. Note that you can also get heroes through rewards! It is definitely recommendto take the time to read and understand the hero skill descriptions.

Clicking the Guides button in the lower left corner of a hero screen will provide you with specific information about the hero. As shown in the picture below, scroll down a little and look at everything. If you scroll further down there are also item builds for the character and a win rate based on the item build, which can be very helpful.

The "Prep" button

At the bottom left of the main screen you will see the “Prep” button (short for “Preparations”). This is where you set up emblems, skills, equipment, and quick chat messages, and can complete the start-up tutorials for the well-deserved bonus BP.

The emblems

When you click the Prep button, the Emblems tab is displayed by default (see above). These are boosters for your heroes. They depend on the type of hero you want to use. Before starting a game, you can switch emblem setups, as long as they are available and depending on what type of character you are currently using. Typically, Mobile Legends will automatically choose an emblem setup. That's fine as long as you double-check beforehand. However, if you'd like to try a different emblem setup for a different hero, just swap it out before the game starts.

As mentioned above, it is a good idea to take the time to read the skill descriptions. This is the idea behind trying out different emblem setups for different heroes as soon as the emblem setups become available. If you scroll down the list there are more.

The abilities

There are also skills that are unlocked by leveling up. When using BlueStacks, the default key is "F". In the “Prep” section and before a game begins, you can set the skill you want here.


That is fun! Of course, various item builds are shown in the Guide section of Mobile Legends. In the “Build” section you can find a full set of item builds for everyone Set up heroes. Before a match begins, you can switch to any item build.

Again from highly recommended is to take the time to read and understand what each item is useful for. this includes all their effects and passives. Of course it still is your Item build, no matter what others have to say about it! But you should definitely consider item builds that have the strengths and Compensate for weaknesses of the heroes. Your best bet is to go for a nice mix of items and make sure there is a vamp effect in there.

The tutorial section was described above. The quick messaging chat area is pretty self explanatory.

The group

You can find the Squad button in the lower right corner of the main screen. A group here means a group of players who have decided to play together. Usually they set up a schedule, or at least they really should! Think of it as a permanent team. A squad can have up to 5 members, just like a random team.

The hero types

Knowing the hero types is a really good idea. Mobile Legends offers a variety of hero types and mixed types. Each hero is in a different category. If you click on a specific hero on the hero screen, detailed information will be shown.

On the left you can see the hero types available in their own tab.

For example, we have Eudora. Mage is the role and burst damage / mowing is the specialty. This means it can be upgraded to hit like an asteroid! You will find that some heroes also have two roles. You need to understand what your chosen hero is doing for the match. Unfortunately, during your games, you will find a lot of random players who don't. Don't worry about that.


These heroes are difficult to kill because of their higher Defense and Hit Points (HP). So your main focus is on absorbing damage. Basically, they are the frontline heroes who are best suited to having other players stand behind them! But just don't be mistaken, they can't kill as much as they can absorb damage.


These are all-rounders. They can take a hit, or 10, and deal plenty of damage. So trying to use them as support heroes won't help you! Fighters have a number of ways to quickly reduce distance. The attempt to run away from a fighter usually ends badly for the fugitive.


As the name indicates; very much like a fighter, but really deadly. Above all, they are not that easy to use for all players in every situation.


This type of hero is known as a ranged fighter. The funny part is that mages aren't even made of glass at the same time. For example, just take Alice once in the top right corner of the hero screenshot above; she has a Level 4 vamp effect in their abilities. So yes; you can be sure that she can take some serious damage and still keep going!


These are ranged bombers that are similar to mages but use physical damage instead of magical damage. They may not hit as hard as a magician (of course this is controversial), but they attack quickly!


As the name suggests, these heroes are meant to help the team. But make no mistake here either: You shouldn't turn your back on them, otherwise you'll be on the mat in record time!

All in all, it shouldn't take long to get really far in Mobile Legends when you play with BlueStacks. Especially with the many advantages that the settings offer. For the most part, choose heroes with whom you like to play.

We hope that all of this information got you excited about the game. Don't wait, play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on BlueStacks now!

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