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Online password generator: Generate a really secure password quickly and easily!

Every internet user knows the problem: For almost every activity, be it reading and writing emails or forums, browser games or online banking, users need a password - and if possible their own.

Because it is difficult to get many different passwords to remember, the method is often resorted to, a password for different websites to use. But there is a great risk that someone will do this "Universal password" and then all of a sudden Access to all accounts So what can you do to make a high security for his data to reach?

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Password Generator: Security Quick Tips

  • Passwords with Upper and lowercase letter as numbers and ideally too special character use
  • On a corresponding length pay attention - short passwords can be determined more quickly
  • Not easy words use, e.g. from a dictionary, as it is already known
  • Completely not suitable are your own Surname, pets or relatives, names of celebrities or cities or your own dates of birth
  • A password Sentences, where e.g. the Initial letter of a word is easier to remember
  • A “Speaking” password should also Special characters and numbers contain
  • Passwords do not write down on slips of paper and store them in a visible place, but use appropriate programs
  • Antivirus software install and this keep up to date
  • A Firewall software can help against simple attacks, but they are better Hardware firewallsbecause these filter outside the computer

The comprehensive one Spread of the Internet has enriched and shaped society in many ways. Real-time communication and the constant opportunity to request information - for most people this has become a natural part of their everyday life.

So that everything works smoothly, are User IDs via password essential. Unfortunately, in this regard, users with the Quality of their passwords are usually extremely careless. The name of your own pet, favorite band or simple words like “secret” are easy to remember, but extremely unsure. Users often find it difficult to create a good password.

For this reason there is the possibility of a corresponding service password to produce - through a Online password generator. How these work and why they are so important is summarized for you here.

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What does an online password generator actually do?

A Password generator is an application in which a programmed random unrelated character combinations created. These can be used by users as Passwords for various online accesses be used.

In addition to the ability to generate a password, such a random password generator is often equipped with other functions. Sometimes one offers Password generator An additional test with which user the security can check a password you have chosen. Depending on which parameters are used for the algorithm are set, a password may be on the one hand as "for sure" and on another turn as "not sure" displayed.

Note: With a Password generator in German it should be noted that the corresponding Umlauts and the Eszett are not included! This could be yours Problems prepare if you have one foreign keyboard and it does not have the appropriate symbols. The same applies to letters with Accents, Tilden and similar. If you have a password generated, it is best to limit yourself to that standardized Latin alphabet.

Not only are weak passwords used as a rule, but also the same with several providers. A strong password is all well and good, but it should different approaches be used.

It is worth mentioning that it is no uniform formula for good passwords there. This does not mean that safety precautions are like one Password generator are inherently obsolete - users simply need to be aware that a one hundred percent security can never be guaranteed on the Internet.

Create a secure password

Secure passwords you get z. B. with the help of Password generator. Such a password tool creates a arbitrary combination of letters and numbers. Here you can choose whether, for example special character should be used or not.

A program that Managed passwords - because randomly generated Passwords without sense are hard to remember. Here the Passwords stored in encrypted form and can be called up with the help of a main password. The Encryption makes one difficult unwanted access.

Do you use one Password generator and possibly a corresponding one Management program, are the created accounts on the Internet relatively safe.

Basically, passwords should Upper and lowercase letter as numbers and ideally too special character contain. However, you can special character on some websites lead to the Password not accepted becomes; in this case you have to resort to a variant without such characters. Anyone trying to figure out a password is likely to be using a dictionary, so this is best Combinations of letters and numbers choose that no sense surrender.

Completely not suitable are for example the own name, the one Pet or relative (especially if you have this elsewhere public is called), Names of celebrities or cities. You should also have a password at least eight characters To be long - the longer the better. The password generator helps.

Why is a generator beneficial for a secure password?

As mentioned earlier, the Most of all internet users regarding Passwords rather uncreative. Closed terms with personal reference are easy to remember, but also just as well easy to crack.

Despite scandals and repeated exposures Cyber ​​attacks Most people still underestimate the importance of different databases Internet security is. Passwords in particular should be protected in a special way, after all, they usually give one Access to highly personal data.

All you have to do is keep in mind what a single cracked password is for catastrophic consequences may have:

For example, suppose a person doesn't use a Password generator and uses the easy-to-remember password "hello" to access an email account. By surfing on unsafe sites or the like, the e-mail address becomes a victim of a hacker attack. The word is one of the first to be tried - a stranger has quickly become one Access to the e-mail inbox procured.

Now it is often the case that the E-mail address is stored with other services, the password should be forgotten there. Checking the mailbox reveals that this person is a Paypal account owns - by activating a corresponding function on the PayPal page, a new access is now sent to the email address. So it would be possible within a short period of time Access to personal account information to obtain. The same would of course also for other payment services be valid. On too Social media profiles access could be gained in this way. Also could Email access used to send spam mail to other people.

This mind game should make it clear how important a Password generator and other Safety precautions are.

Online crime is not to be underestimated

One Password generator using is a good step to take against one Data theft to be better prepared. Because the many forms of Cyber ​​crime a serious problem - not only on a large scale, but also on a small scale tricked. The biggest hurdle on the Internet is that the awareness rate for such Offenses usually turns out to be rather low.

Of course it is Spying on third-party information is a punishable offense. So it says in § 202c of the Criminal Code, which colloquially also the "Hacker Paragraph" is called:

(1) Anyone who prepares a criminal offense under Section 202a or Section 202b by
1. Passwords or other security codes that enable access to data (Section 202a Paragraph 2), or
2. Computer programs, the purpose of which is to commit such an act,
manufactures, procures for himself or for another, sells, leaves to someone else, disseminates or otherwise makes it accessible, is punishable by imprisonment for up to two years or a fine.

With a password safe you can keep track of things

A potential disadvantage of the whole thing: the suggestions of one Password generator are rarely easy to remember. A cryptic combination of characters increases the security, but it is conceivable user unfriendly. If several of these passwords are then used, it is almost impossible to keep them all in mind.

To Security of a password also belongs that this is in case of doubt well kept is. There are also various offers for this: For example, users can use a Password Management Service use. These are as paid and free programs to get, sometimes also offer Web browser self Add-ons to organize your own passwords.

The principle is one thing Safes: Users can there all of their Save passwords. Automatic completion means that each password does not have to be memorized individually. The access itself is in turn through a "Master password" protected.

If you have your Passwords however in digital or analog form yourself, make sure that the access on this collection limited is!

How the password generator works

Our Password generator is designed so that you can use the Freely choose individual elements can. Just click on the different factors and let yourself in secure password to generate. The following notes should also be observed for the individual points:

Large and lower case

If you ... this option in which Password generator then make sure that you do not accidentally fill in the Shift key have set! Many users then enter their password and wonder if access is denied. Many log-in areas are now set up so that a Caps Lock is displayed but should not be relied on.

Numbers and special characters

The use of Numbers and special characters is basically recommendable, since additional characters naturally increase the possibilities of a combination exponentially. Similar to the umlauts, you should make sure that character used which in use globally are and focus on if possible any keyboard let find.

The length of the password

When you create a password, it will usually be a Minimum length of eight characters recommended. This has to do with the average time what hackers need to crack a password: It is said that it takes about nine minutes to decrypt a six-digit password, while an eight-digit password takes around 300 days. The longer a password so is the more takes longer logically, until the correct combination was determined.

Number of passwords

It is particularly good, of course, when additions are made several words exist - according to the motto: "A lot helps a lot".

If you own a password then you can also click on so-called "Passphrases" To fall back on. Instead of the more wanton combinations that one Password generator created, this is first of all several words and second are these meaningful. Instead of closed terms, this can be Acronyms or around a Spelling out in dialect act.

"Easy to remember"

If you have this field in the Password generator then click on Capital letters, numbers and special characters waived. Instead, you get incoherent combinations of letters.

A less variety of characters however also means one lesser possibility of combinations. If you go for that option then this is one long password advisableto compensate for this.

Conclusion: password generator

  1. A machine random algorithm can at the push of a button secure passwords to generate.
  2. A good password should at least eight characters long and one Combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters be. Ideally, instead of a password, it is a Passphrase, from several words consists.
  3. A Random password via generator is a lot safer as closed, short terms with personal reference.
  4. Also who one Random generator used for a password, must always keep in mind that a vComplete security can never be guaranteed - not even on the internet.
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Online password generator: Generate a really secure password quickly and easily!
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